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horrible chest wall/shoulder pain

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at the end of my rope. trying new physiatrist next week. i have tietz syndrome and diagnosed TOS so bad it's making training almost impossible (though i still go). even if i press 50s I get crushing non cardiac chest pain and can't raise my arms higher than shoulder level. is there a doctor in the house?
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good luck, sorry to say it but age and all that weight you move are catching up to you.
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if you've been diagnosed with tietze, why are you still working out? the only cure for that is rest and treatment.

any pain in the ribs or sternum area?
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yup, though i have an ulcer so it's hard to tell where pain is coming from. ribs always hurt. i think years of roods and overload did me no favors.
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I'm in a different league, but last year I had some really bad rotator cuff problems, a little rest really turned me around.
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Rib pain could be indicative of costochondritis. it really sounds like some sort of chronic inflamation issue. Not really sure what it could be as there are a whole handful of things that could be causing CI. I'd definitely take time off, start taking some more anti inflammatory drugs, and stay the fuck out of the gym.
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Not sure what to tell you Kunk but to echo everyone re: rest - and I mean, at least two weeks - and wish you luck.
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