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Quite frankly, I get sick of the Lakers' mantra that it was they who played poorly, and not how their opponents played well. I think it was the great D that limited the Lakers offense. Well, game 3, exposed how old and unathletic the Lakers are. Game 3 was crucial, and the Lakers knew that so you know they went in with their A game just like they brought their A game in game 2.
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Honestly, I think -- even with GP and the Mailman getting into their respective grooves -- the Pistons have a great chance. You can never put any team down for the count, when it reaches the Finals. No matter which Conference. As much as I hate the Lakers, they have some players with exceptional talent. Kobe is Jordan-esque, for goodness sake. And Shaq is basically unstoppable. However, they have a huge problem with attitude. They think they're invicible, and some of the media actually half-mused about an 82-0 season. I'm glad to say my Hornets put an end to that thought. Regardless, the Lakers beat the defending champions in incredible fashion, and put away the MVP's team. In the same token, the Pistons overcame the two-time Eastern Conference champions. They also beat the team with the best record in the league. Big Ben is a Defensive God. And Rip Hamilton is really coming into his own during these playoffs. Once again, BOTH teams deserve to be here. BOTH teams deserve credit. The Pistons won Games 1 and 3, because they played better -- and I think they played very well. You can't deny the spectacular defense, and it seems they've quieted the questions about their ability on offense. The Lakers won Game 2, because they dominated overtime. They shouldn't have won, since Kobe shouldn't have been allowed to take that shot. But it happens, and, when it did, the Lakers kept themselves in the game. Now, let's get over this "we weren't playing" business. The better team wins each game. Get over it. And get on to the next game. Speaking of... I'm out.
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The only thing that's striking me as STRANGE is the disparity in number of fouls called. Outright ridiculous in tonight's game. And I can't believe the comments Rivers and Michales keep making about how it's the Lakers not attacking the basket. Sycophantic puppets of David Stern... And what was THAT THING that Tom Tolbert was wearing??? IMO looked far worse than anything I've ever seen Deion or Michael Irvin in. AAACCCKKKPHHHPPPTTTTT....
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Tom Tolbert's poor grandmother... I think he stole the upholstering for one of her chairs and used it to make a suit. And, Steve, I have to say - at points - it looked as though the Lakers were giving up "Defense" and opting for "Fouling 101." For a while, I thought maybe L.A. had a football team again.
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Is Chauncy Billups that good?. He's the difference maker. You knew Rip Hamilton was good, but Chauncy? Kobe was forcing way too many shots. He needs to drive to the basket more, but then there are always 3 pistons waiting for him. Since the refs refuse to call any fouls when Kobe is getting hacked when he drives, he needs to then dump it off to the open man. But, it seems nobody else can hit an open j. I always felt that the Lakers were unbeatable when they had a consistent 3rd scoring option. The first time it was Rice, then it was Fisher that year when he was hitting those shots.
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C'Mon, Navy- 4th quarter...Fisher touches a Piston on the hand and there's a whistle. Kobe drives the lane, gets hacked by three guys and GETS PUSHED to the floor- no call. Detroit's defense is very, very good. But it's 5 on 8. And I think that thing Tolbert was wearing was seersucker to boot...
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Was it really seesucker?? Maybe one of us should apply to work as his fashion consultant. He must not have one...
navystyles, if defense wins championships, my money is on the lakers.
Detroit's defense is smothering.  The only game in the entire playoffs where they allowed their opponent to reach the century mark was in the Triple Overtime thriller against New Jersey.  Even then, it took one overtime for the Nets just to get above 90. Throughout the playoffs, the Pistons are allowing only 80.4 ppg, while the Lakers are allowing 86.6 ppg. I hope it wasn't too much money.
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The problem with the Lakers, as everyone has identified, is that they have no reliable third wheel.  Plus, they're soft.  This series reminds me of the Rams-Patriots Super Bowl a few years back where the Patriots got in the face and into the head of the "unbeatable" Rams.
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I am not a happy camper today. My only hope is that the Lakers can extend this series game by game, lose the attitude that they can pull out whatever, whenever (they are good, but obviously not invincible, as the last two years have shown) and not wither under the rather transparently biased officiating. Some of those fouls and non-calls were pretty obvious. It's as if the officials are actively discouraging players from drawing the foul. I mean, if they decide to change the rules (like the goaltending rule put in after Wilkinson just dominated with no challenge) they should at least do it officially. Also, where are the Lakers on the offensive glass. I saw so many Piston second attempts and hardly any Laker ones. And the way the Lakers are playing, they are going to need those second tries.
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navy, i didn't bet on this series and i suspect few people did. i agree with steve that the refs are favoring detroit. (did you see that last foul called on luke walton? neither did i.) yes they do have an excellent defense but that is no reason to give them the benefit of the doubt on every play. one of the things i don't like about basketball is the way referees call the game differently depending on the reputation of the players involved. i remember when jordan used to have the ball stolen from him cleanly and the refs would always call a foul on the guy who stole the ball. the announcer would say "jordan's gonna get that call everytime." ridiculous. when john elway threw an interception it was an interception--they wouldn't wave off the play just because it was elway.
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another problem with the Lakers is that Shaq is no longer MDE, and is merely great. He needs at least 2 days off, and I think there would only be 1 more game with 2 days off for Shaq. He couldn't have played any better in game 5, and still the Lakers lost. I wonder how dominant the Lakers and Shaq would have been if there had been some other legitimate centers to contend with Shaq- like Ewing, Olajawoan in their prime.
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It is clear that the Lakers are getting fouls called on them that they usually don't. However, it seems to only be the players who are complaining to the refs. Shaq who could be called for a foul every play is staying relatively foul free, and hence not complaining. Rasheed decided not to complain in game 4 and was not hit up with the fouls. Really the bottom line is that the Pistons have clearly outplayed the Lakers. Phil Jackson has been outcoached and they should be thankful that Kobe bailed them out in game two. Because they at least have a chance, albeit long one.
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It is clear that the Lakers are getting fouls called on them that they usually don't.  However, it seems to only be the players who are complaining to the refs.
You said it, man. Remember Games 1-3? Where Rasheed wasn't able to play any minutes in the 2nd Quarter because of foul trouble? 'Sheed shut his mouth and came up big in Game 4. Matador, I doubt anyone is fond of the subjective way refs can officiate a game. No matter how great the officials are, they will inevitably miss fouls and make mistakes on both teams.
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I want to hear what the ney-sayers have to say now. It was clear from this final game that the Pistons were the better team. 100-87. The media was clearly biased in favor of LA all through the series, up to this game. Its true, the Pistons play wasn't pretty. That's not the way we play. You want glitz and glamour, go to LA. No, our team played the way Detroiters work - hard. This is also the way we party and celebrate. There ain't no party like a Dertroit party, 'cause a Detroit party don't stop. As of this writing, there has been no violence, unlike Vancouver. Take that, Jimmy Kimmel. They were focused on playing. Maybe it was because our team isn't dominated by superstars. The players on the Pistons don't have to worry about shoe deals, clothing lines, selling products like Icy-Hot Patches, or court cases. They worried about their play, and only their play. We were supposed to be scared of the Lakers, all media outlets said it. Yet, in the first game we said, "We are not afraid. We can beat you." We were supposed to be intimidated by Jack Nicholson and the rest of the star power behind the Lakers. Well, we have Kid Rock, Bob Segar, Eminem, Aretha Franklin, and so many others. People raised in, and who started their careers in Detroit. People who throw their support behind a team, not because its fashionable, but because they love them (Not that Jack doesn't love his Lakers. How many other celebs followed the Lakers out here to support them?). This isn't an attempt at a troll. I just figured after all the Anti-Detroit/Pro-Lakers talk I had to speak up and be heard. The rest of you Pistons fans, speak up and show your love.
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In the NBA, superstars win games. As long as I can remember, a team needed at least 2 superstars. And, the Lakers had the two best players in the game. The reason why the Lakers were the favorites are simply because they were the more talented team in the beginning. But, once they lost Malone at the beginning of the first game, the Lakers lost that talent advantage and needed to play together like a team. Unfortunately, the Lakers have coasted on talent alone for too long. Also, Fisher and Fox were banged up. That's why you saw people like Brian Cook playing, who barely played during the regular season. I must admit that this is the end of an era, of a dynasty. Next year's Lakers are going to be very different. I don't expect a lot of players to return, nor Coach Jackson either.
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