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Stores in NYC

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Going there in a few days and was wondering what stores I absolutely have to visit.

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depends on what your looking for. i loved bergdorf and paul stuart when i visited
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The Tom Ford boutique is nice. I haven't been yet, but I'm sure the Ralph Lauren flagship mansion is nice also, even if it is just to see it. The Brooks Brothers flagship is a nice store, but its going to be the same stuff you can get locally or online.


There are a few good shoe stores, like Crockett and Jones (the only one in the US), JM Weston (if that is your thing), an Alden shop, a few Allen Edmonds stores, and probably some others that I don't know about.


If you are looking for something at a discount, you could visit one of the Century 21 stores.


Keep in mind that NY has sales tax on any clothing item over $110, so depending on what you buy, you may be better off getting the sales associate to ship you the item and avoid the tax.

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There are a couple of threads on this topic that are already posted. Just use the search button for some good suggestions.
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Depends on your interests, price range and what stores you have near you already, no? E.g. the Brooks Brothers flagship on Madison might be the greatest store you ever visited or a complete waste of your time depending on those factors. Ditto for bargain places like Century 21, high end department stores, etc.

The one universal recommendation I can give is that if you're into shoes, visit Leffot. A great and very unique high-end men's shoe store.
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And just to throw in my $.02...
Paul Smith!!
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I forgot to mention Suit Supply.

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Originally Posted by msulinski View Post

I forgot to mention Suit Supply.

Only if you have time for fittings....
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