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Bootcut Ola

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2 Questions:

Should I not size down? I don't want a skin tight fit necessarily but I'd like them to fit slim.

I'm about 6' and 165 lbs. If I get a 31/34 should I have them hemmed to a 32? I'm under the impression that Nudies are sanforized and therefore the inseam won't shrink when I finally get around to washing these. Will hemming them decrease the bootcut? I'm a pretty skinny guy but I have a pretty built upper body. I like the fit on my APC NS in the seat after 2 weeks or so but am not 100% into the tapered leg (its definitely growing on me though). I really liked the fit of my old diesel zathans before they died on me and I had to throw em out and the Ola's look like they'd fit pretty well.

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They run very slim, about a size smaller than the RRDS I would say. The inseam is also pretty short for its tagged size. I'm 6'2" and the 32/34 has no stacking at all (I think the inseam's 33,5" or something). Definitely not a jean you'd want to size down.
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If you liked your Zathan's you should be aware that the Ola has an anti-fit seat. The waist will stretch like a bitch also. Not knocking the Ola. I have a pair and they are great summer jeans at 11oz. They are just not that similar to Zathan's IMO.

Also consider SDA 105 and D1002. Top is more like a Zathan cut than Ola with a small bootcut.
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I have a 30" waist comfortably in RRDS and couldnt even button up the 30" waist in olas. So no dont size down and yes the inseams run about 0.5" smaller than tagged
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better buy them quick, they stop production on these in a month or so..
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Sorry to hijack, but is the fit of the Bootcut Ola similar to the Rag and Bone 11 or the 6? I am looking to buy a pair of RB's with a fit similar to the Ola's for somebody.
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