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Boston Area Travel

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Hi guys.


I will be heading to Boston (one of my favourite cities) in mid/late October and needed some help. We are a little late booking a hotel, so everything is either ridiculously expensive or not available. Last time we stayed in Cambridge and really enjoyed the area and short commute to downtown. Unfortunately..everything is booked or $400+. So, I thought I would ask if anyone had any recommendations on areas to stay that are still reasonably accessible to the downtown core either by car or by subway/train. I did find some hotels in Burlington but damn 30-45 minutes away seems a bit far especially on a Friday night. Does anyone have any areas we should stay in? Secondly - any great restaurants? My father is a master chef but we'd like to not go over the top on dinner (we get sick of michelin star restaurants too you know!). Last time we went to Boston we ate at Stella Restaurant (Italian) which was fabulous, as well as T.W food which was quite good and had an excellent dessert (tobacco gelato). Deuxave was also quite good and the actual restaurant is gorgeous. Maybe a bit pretentious though..


Any help would be greatly appreciated, as my parents are in the midst of selling the restaurant and really need a vacation away from our hometown.




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