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Custom Shirt - Creasing around Elbow, normal?

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Hi there!

I had some custom shirts made when I was in HK a few months back, and whilst the rest of the shirt fit is excellent (except the excess fabric / crease from neck to armpit, which I am getting resolved) I seem to get a lot of very small creases around my elbow area when bending my arm.

Just wondering if this is normal, or a function of the armhole widths / fit? The arms on these shirts are slim, and I don't seem to get this on my baggier, less fitted RTW shirts, so wondering if it's the fabric or the slimmer cut of the shirt?

Appreciate any feedback!


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You are getting creases in your elbow area when bending your elbow??? And you're asking if this is normal? Doesn't that happen with every single cotton shirt you've ever worn?
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Well, not to this extent... it's just a lot more exaggerated on these shirts.

I guess that was my question / purpose of this thread smile.gif

But if a stupid question, apologies!
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Snark aside, finer cotton will wrinkle more than a thick oxfird weave. Don't worry about it and enjoy your shirts.
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Just don't bend your elbow and you should be all set.
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having slimmer sleeves is cause of these wrinkles
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I agree with blahman, it can happen when the sleeves are a bit tighter than the standard.

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i am more concerned about the crease on the left side running from neck to armpit.
make the chest larger next time, by at least an 1"

and slim sleeves will crease more then less slim'also this might be a softer finer yarn
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Wrinkling at the elbows  are normal, but when it wrinkles all over the shirt that's the time to panic.

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Probably rather an effect of the fabric you chose than the cut. If this is very annoying to you you should opt more less wrinkling fabrics, maybe a twill.
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