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Official Fifa 2013 Thread

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Some people don't want the discussion to take place in the football thread, so here we go.

PS3, 360, PC. Offline, online. Discuss whatever you want to, if there is something to discuss. If you want to play with fellow SFers, this is the place to go (I will make a list of the users and of the ingame nicks if they want to).

So far:



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Anyone play Ultimate Team?
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Originally Posted by Reynard369 View Post

Anyone play Ultimate Team?
Yup, I do.
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I'm actually just excited because the price of 2012 is finally going to drop.
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As if 40€ were expensive for 360/PS3 or 25€ for PC... wink.gif

By now I can tell you that I prefer Fifa 13 over Fifa 12 so far, and that's rarely the case (I mean that I prefer a knew Fifa over the old one).
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I don't pay in your fancy money. I pay in good old american money and 60 bucks is too much. I only very occasionally pay full price for games.
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Do you have a decent PC? Then get it for 32$.
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I agree, I particularly disliked the defensive and new button layout changes from 11 to 12, hoping there's nothing that jarring to the experience.

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It's still Tactical Defending. It's really much better (and actually easier once you've understood how it works) than the old defense.

The gameplay in 13 is a little faster. Players make more mistakes, e.g. when you pass with max power, they can't stop the ball perfectly. Crosses are difficult to defend, at least to my current experience.
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So, for anyone interested, this is how you can get Fifa 13 for PC for 32$/25€.
Go to , filter for Russian IPs. Set the proxy in your browser. Go to . You should see a Russian version of Origin now (ru_RU in the URL). Either use the "highlight window" or just type "Fifa 2013" in the box in the top right corner. If you have at least some experience with online shopping, you'll figure out which button means what. Moreover, can help you. Choose "Download" in the dropdown version, then "English" (I think it's the first entry). Add to the shopping cart. Cross that one box which likely says something about terms and conditions and stuff and procede to the "pament details". Important: Disable the proxy now! Log in with your Origin account (you don't want to send your account name and password through the random proxy server, right?). Enter billing adresss -- must be the same as the credit card owner (country.. well.. choose whatever). And credit card details (don't want to submit them through the proxy either, right? that's why you disable it once you get to the pyment details. Don't disable it beforehand because you'll likely get redirected to the American or whatever Origin store, with US or whatever pices, but not once you've reached the "payment step"). Submit, yadda yadda, it's now added to your Origin account. 100% multi language, so no worries. (unfortunately, it's not available through Origin India anymore -- or at least it wasn't two days ago. A couple weeks ago it was 12€/15$ through Origin India, but apparently too many non-locals purchased it and therefore they removed it.. so you may want to check again for Fifa 2014).

And just to make it clear to you guys:
The PC version is exactly the same as the PS3/360 version.
You can either use a 360 controller or a PS3 controller (if you use the PS3 one, plug it in via USB or bluetooth. then you need ).
There is quite a lot of traffic. And also, for the guys of you who're a little better than average and are interested in some esports, there are quite a few cups. Have a look at:

PS3 has quite a lot more bigger tournaments to offer.
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btw PES > FIFA , just nobody wants to be seen buying coverart featuring CR laugh.gif

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I played PES4. And some '08. After that just Fifa.

Are there any tournaments like FIWC for PES?
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Suggested lineup:

Either counter attack or possesion. And defensive.

Not sure about Save Assistance yet.
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Originally Posted by OmniscientCause View Post

Nice...whats the deal, you have to pay something to get a majority of the content dont you? I might mess around with the game a bit when my roommate has to go to work for a few hours today.
I don't play offline so I'm not sure. I think you earn some sort of credits by playing with which you can unlock stuff.
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PES was the shit back in the day, but FIFA caught up in the detail department circa Fifa 2009, and then for some reason PES went the exact opposite direction and fucked everything up.
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