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Digital cameras

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I'm in the market for a new digital camera, in particular something that's small; something along the lines of the Casio Exilim. Can anyone give a recommendation for a small camera. Right now I'm leaning towards the Exilim, anyone own one? I'm not looking for professional quality, just something that gives good pics, not excellent, not bad one either.
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pentax optio s4i. the casio appears to be a copy of the old s4. pentax makes the lenses for casio cameras, so it's likely the two cameras are relative clones. check out how the specs and prices compare with each other. check out this site.
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Depending on how handy you are and what you want to do with the camera I would check out CNet 4 Mpxl and then make my decision accordingly.  I have always done that for the small business hardware needs (except PC's which I always go Dell) and have always been happy.  (After you know What camera you want, you can probably get the best deal at B & H, like Meta posted above.  I think that the advantage to Cnet is that you technically get unbiased opinions as they arent a reseller.  As far as the hardware companies paying them for better reveiws...I dont think so) Regardless of what camera you get you might want to check out the following site for how to work your camera, .  I had purchased a G2 Powershot which in its time was 750 bucks and the pix of clothing I got out of it were comparable to the $200 camera I had before that until I read how to USE my camera. Enjoy. JJF
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