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Mystery Brooks Brothers Suit on Rue La La?

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I just bought two suits on Ru La La, one Golden Fleece Fitzgerald and another that was advertised as "full canvas" construction but not as a Golden Fleece and the cut wasn't listed either. The suits arrived today and I can tell the mystery suit is fully canvassed but it doesn't have the golden fleece tags. Any ideas on what exactly the story is on this suit?
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Would you have a picture of the white garment tags in the pants or the jacket? Use can use that to determine the manufacturer, probably Greenfield or Southwick. Plus, it may help me decide whether I should order one. smile.gif
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I don't have a picture but the label in the pants is just a navy blue label that "Brooks Brothers Established 1818" in white cursive. The tag in the jacket says "made in the USA of imported fabric". I'll try to get a picture tomorrow and post it.

By the way, how you can tell by the tags where it was manufactured?
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There should be a white label sewn into each piece of the garment, either one that looks like this one (Southwick):
Or this one (Greenfield):
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Thanks for the info. I will check the tags in the morning and post an update.
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It is definitely the Southwick tag but there is no fabric tag, nor any tag delineating the line and cut of the suit. Interestingly enough though you can definitely feel it is full canvas construction. Any ideas?
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I don't own any Golden Fleece myself, as I generally prefer Black Fleece. So, others would be able to better answer the question. There's been discussion in other threads as to re-tagged GF suits. I certainly would prefer a Greenfield product. Not sure whether I should order the suit for myself, since $600 seems to be a good price, but not a steal. I believe I have read speculation that some GF suits running around at discount shops may be the recalled Southwick ones (from last year I think), but I don't know whether this is true, whether GF suits were available at places like Rue La La prior to the recall, and when this suit was manufactured. If it feels and fits good, I think that's what's important, though. smile.gif
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Thanks. The suit feels good and will fit good after some minor alterations. I had to have a couple of work suits quickly so I think it'll work out well. I appreciate the info.
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I've done a couple of posts on the GF suits that could be found at Marshalls a while back. Clearly Southwick-made golden fleece. The neck tag was a golden fleece tag and the suits even had the inside tag that said "handmade." But the inner "golden fleece" tags had all been removed - you could still see the square on the lining where the stitching was removed. But pretty much a no-brainer at $200.
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Hi everyone.  First post.


I need advice on which Brooks Brothers suit is better, a de-labeled/recalled/liquidated/mystery Southwick Golden Fleece, or a proper 1818 for $50 more.  I bought them both on Rue La La and only plan to keep one.


1) The de-labeled Golden Fleece is full canvas, navy with a subtle pinstripe.  It's definitely one of the Southwick-made ones, like the one described in the uptowndandy posts above.  Tag at the neck says Hand Tailored in USA of Imported Fabric; inside breast says Luxury Fabrics by Cavendish, Made in England; tag towards bottom says Full Canvas.  The white tag says "Professional Dry CleanOnly, Low Moisture Steam Press" and looks just like this Southwick one:  But the main label just says "Brooks Brothers Established 1818."


I paid $450.


2) The second appears to be a proper 1818 Madison suit, in solid navy.  Picture of label:


I paid $500 ($50 more than the delabeled GF).


They seem to both fit me ok.  I think the delabeled GF fits a tad better, the pants at least.  I'm going to take the one I keep to a proper tailor to have it fitted.


I need to return one--which would you keep?  I would think a full canvas (for $50 less) is a better deal than the half canvas 1818.  OTOH, solid navy (the 1818) is nice, and appears to be less common to find on sale from my limited experience sale hunting.  And I'm not sure if these delabeled/recalled GFs are really of GF quality or not. Whereas the 1818 seems to be (correct me if I'm wrong!) a proper 1818, not a recalled or irregular item, so it might be of better overall quality.


Any advice? Thanks!


Edit: I just realized there may something more important that makes my decision easy.  I'm building a new wardrobe, and am new at this.  My other suit is a charcoal with a subtle pinstripe.  From reading around, it seems I should start my wardrobe with a solid (navy), not a pinstripe. Thoughts?

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Can anyone lend some advice? Thanks.

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