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Originally Posted by backtaro View Post

Just wondering if any one kopped any thing yet? The price seem to increase in general comparing to previous collections.

just got my first order (my order is coming in 3 parts...)



hill-side blanket shoes- these are awesome and the back heel is stamped "the hill-side". not sure i'll return and wait until sale season, i don't see this selling that well for some reason

hill-side herringbone grey pants- i have the jacket and this matches fabric perfectly. only downside is the workwear double fabric from the knee down. going to ask my tailor if it can be taken out...


going to be returned

hill-side blanket wallet- leather is meh and the wallet is huge, i could barely fit it in my back pocket with nothing in it

hill-side herringbone card sleeve- leather is meh, the hill-side one uses much better leather

hill-side camo small bag- the camo fabric is a poly, not like the cloth hill-side one. i'm not sure what i'd use this bag for. combined with the cloth, it's got to go

hill-side window pane shirt- sleeves are long, fabric is a nice medium (6oz?) oxford type, buttons are shit; in the end wasn't my print

hill-side herringbone navy jacket- sleeves are long. i bought one of these a few years ago from THS- it's almost identical. button's on the gap one isn't quite as good but the fabric is almost a perfect replica. 

david hart windowpane shirt- nothing special

david hart skinny tie- nothing special

david hart brown tweed jacket- really nice, fits well. nothing special in the details area. it was almost a keeper but i have 2 brown tweed wool jackets already

hill side bowler hat- feels good but i just can't pull it off...



hill-side reversible jacket

david hart tweed pants (probably going to be returned since i'm not keeping the jacket)

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I got a few of the pieces from this year's collection. Posted a review here if you're interested. Overall some great stuff, but pretty inconsistent in places in regards to finish.  Hope that helps.

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