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Leather Shoes and Blue Scuff

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After the usual search, ended up purchasing black Ecco oxfords similar to my last dress pair except this time with cap toe. I know they are not of the "higest ranking" for some of the individuals who are active on this site, but I was fairly happy with my last dress pair of Eccos. What I'm writing about is that "out of the blue," as the expression goes, I looked down at one of the shoes yesterday to find a long bluish streek in the cap area. I tripped on a pavement the evening before so perhaps somehow scuffed the shoe at that time - can't say for sure - but it's disappointing to find that if the leather of such a shoe gets a deeper scratch it's a definite blue underneath. Is that typical of many brands of shoes?

I don't particularly recall this type of scuff being so noticably blue on a leather shoe. And these are hardly the cheapest type of dress shoe, either. So I can try to keeping polishing over the scuff but it will always be a flaw and something to keep in mind if I want the dress shoes to look as perfect as possible. Actually, I don't see why the polish would keep diminishing in that particular location so maybe I won't have to worry much about covering it.
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Looks like you scratched it to the "blue meat". Inferior leathers are blue in the middle and if you were able to get to the blue with just a scratch then the leather must have been shaved really thin.

I forget the technical term for this but I found out when I was sourcing hides to make bags. Some good reading:
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