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Hi everyone. 


Currently I am in my second year of an Aviation Management program at Georgian College in Canada. The course is 3 years and leaves me with a Diploma, which I will then continue on to get my Masters which takes 1 extra year for a total of 4 years to receive my Masters in Aviation Management. The course is great, and its nice because we have to do 3, four month work terms throughout the program which aids us in getting connections and of course, experience. I recently completed my first work term as a marketing assistant at an airport on the East Coast of Canada which I really liked. My end goal is to start my own chartering company and I recently spoke to a marketing director who said I should think about obtaining some external courses to set me apart from other students. This made great sense because I am the youngest in my program at 18, but I easily have the most passion and desire to pursue my dream. Any ideas of what potential online courses I could take? I was looking at IATA (International Air Transport Association) and they offer many online courses. IATA is of course the most well known association in aviation. Would doing a couple online courses with them be worth it? 


IATA offers a Diploma in Aviation Studies (Distance Learning). Basically you do 4 of the following courses: 



I would probably take Airline MarketingAirport OperationsAirline Finance, and Air Transport Fundamentals. These have to be completed within 3 years  Here is the link:


Any ideas/advice? I think this would be a fantastic way to upgrade the resume and set me apart from others. Doing it through IATA would be more beneficial because its actually aviation based instead of a simple generic marketing course. 


Many thanks,