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This is the OFFICIAL No Purchase Club for OCTOBER 2012

Do you need some help to be strong? Have you become too weak with your money on clothes? Well this is your chance to change this!
You are coordially invited to take the oath to help save yourself from financial ruin.
The rules are simple. By signing up here, you agree to the following terms:
Please Read Carefully.....
1) You will spend not one penny for the entire month on any clothing or clothing-related item(s) for yourself.
2) You will perform some form of maintenance on your clothes/shoes (sewing buttons, polishing shoes, etc)
3) If you sign up before October 04, 2011 you may allow yourself an 'emergency or maintenance fund' of $150 and no more.
Your Emergency - Maintenance fund is to be used only in the event of a true emergency; a funeral, wedding, or some socks/underwear, etc
4) Should you fall and make a purchase you must report the purchase here. You will then resume the challenge to the end of the month. No need to report an emergency purchase. At the end of the month, we'll do an official score card.
5) There are no Emergency fund carry-overs if you successfully completed last months challenge.

  • If you sign up October 05 or later, you are allowed NO emergency-maintenance fund at all.

I will tabulate the official list of participants on October 06, 2011.
At any time during the month, should you feel weak, use this thread so others may help talk you out of a purchase.

Take the vows. Commit yourself to a 31 day break from spending. Just think of the money you'll save. Will you do it? Will you try?
Sign-ups begin today but the challenge will begin Monday October 01, 2012 and run to Wednesday October 31, 2012 at midnight.

If you are not already a Styleforum member, I would like to coordially invite you to take 5 minutes to join our beloved forum and participate.

Who's ready to gain strength from the sharing? Who's with me? Arrrgghhhhh!!..... satisfied.gifnod[1].gifshog[1].gifhappy.gificon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif

Edit- I have updated the Emergency & Maintenace budget to $150 (example- the cost of a full resoling)
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I will be joining this club! I am going to get my emergency shopping in this weekend on undershirts, socks etc and I should be good to go! I think...decisions.gif

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Who else dares to save money during October 2012? Come forth...

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Awesome idea.

But....uh...if I "officially" register October 4th, do I need to report things I purchase before then (like, say, today?)

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In again, let's hope I can stay strong as I bought too much in September...
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I'll try again. I'll prob fail, but at least I hope i can minimize spending, or delay purchasing.
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I'll try again.

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Good luck to all of you who do this. Yesterday, I successfully completed last month's version and the experience was rewarding on many levels. Thank you, MoL and the others, for your support.

Maybe I will see you in November?

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MOL what's the ruling on exchanges? I bought a pair of AE prior to October and Just received them but need to swap them for a different size. I assume that's within the rules?

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Forgive me, MOL, for I have sinned.

Started off the month of October quite weak

-Navy suit
-Brown chukkas
-3 Barba shirts

Dropped a ton of cash today facepalm.gif
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I ordered some burgundy shell boots last month, so I definitely need to be in for October 2012. I even got a head start yesterday by sewing suede patches on the worn-out elbows of my tweed sportcoat. nod[1].gif
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MOL, I failed last time. I am going to fail this time as well, but I will put my name in again for the running of this as I definitely shouldnt be spending any money.

I am going to LA from Oct 10-Oct 15. I will be spending money but I hope this thread makes me hesitate when making purchases IF i do. icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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I am in.

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This is the smallest turnout ever. Either everyone loves to spend or there are bery few people on SF.
I'll extend the start time tonight (Friday Oct 05) at midnight (your time). Anyone else want to do this, now is the time to sign up.
Any spending that occured unto this point will not count against you smile.gif but at midnight, you stop.
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In!!!! I've already spent waayyy too much this week. If spending up to this point doesn't count, I'll go the distance and not buy anything else in Oct.
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