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So nice to see how things are made up about me..
"My roots in Calcutta are extremely important to me. That's why I returned there when my son got married in December of last year - because that for me is home. I like to refer to myself as a Calcutta chele - that mean's boy in Bengali. And that's how I like to see myself - as a Calcutta kid at heart."
I am Rajastanin not Benglai, and I cannot speak Bengali, only Hindi.
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Kalra: If you really do own the Veyron, then I apologize for doubting you. (It never occurred to me that Bugatti might give away its prototypes, or that it would be legal to drive them on the public roads.) If you don't really own the Veyron, then I congratulate you on being an amazing b.s artist. I'm going to choose to believe that you're on the level. It makes me smile thinking that somewhere in England there is a wild Veyron prototype out there being driven around turning heads. Just wish I was there to see it.
post #63 of 75 Wow. Everyone here said that Dior Homme items were rare, and I was all, "They can't be that rare." Apparently, though, they are so rare that multi-billionaire industrialists, who receive $1.2 million super-cars for free, are forced to find Dior items in their size by asking random strangers on the Internet. That, my friends, is rare.
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Just trying to fit in, as you can see - I did not buy anything from them
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Kalra: A suggestion you may have thought of already- have your PR people get in touch with Slimane's people. I'd think it'd be a big boost for Dior Homme's sales if you were to be seen and photographed in his wares. Also, a trip to NYC may be in order. The new flagship store is now open...
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This whole Kalra drama reminds of a character back in the days on the GQ forum, the dude who called himself Rodeo Drive was some poser claiming to be a rich kid from the hills. He wasn't nearly as extravagant or sofisticated as the mysterious Kalra but still had the same need to talk about wealth...
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Valmont, in case you cannot see I have no desire to 'flaunt' my belonginigs, all I did was answer a question on the Cars subject, just like eveyone else, and it really is not my fault if I own diffrent cars to most of you guys, but I am sure that there will be some other people here who own cars of a similar caliber. Now I really cannot be bothered anymore, belive if you like, if you don't it is only your loss, and also I thought the subject was closed Valmont, so why are you pursuing it? Steve, I hve been to the Dior Homme on 57th in NYC, as I retured from the US two weeks ago. In addition, I do not think that Hedi Slimane want's a 57 year old Indian buisness-man to be part of his corporate image, notwidstanding that Tom Cruise and Jonney Depp already wear his clothing. As you may well know that the Dior Homme image is about the streets of Berlin.
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It's funny how one who owns even one expensive car can be labeled as a show-off, one who feels the need to show a "status symbol."  Everything could be a stutus symbol.  My minivan could be a symbol that my status is that of a college student.  It's not everyday that someone would claim to own, for example, 10 beaten-up 1980s Chevrolet Novas.  Would he be called a show-off for claiming to own these cars, even if he were doing so in a boasting manner?  Unlikely.  Kalra/LNM need not be apologetic for owning a fleet of expensive cars as a result of his vast financial resources.  Of course, if one is enormously wealthy, it might be nice to use some of his money to make things better for others, but that's up to the individual and another matter altogether. Most people, with the acquisition of wealth, like to acquire a few luxuries. Some do not do so and instead give it all away to good causes, but these people are rare.
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Some do not do so and instead give it all away to good causes, but these people are rare.
Of course, "good causes" is a relative term. A collection of expensive automobiles could be for a good cause -- we are each our own best charity.
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Of course, "good causes" is a relative term. A collection of expensive automobiles could be for a good cause -- we are each our own best charity.
Some things never change.
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Mr. Mittal, If you ever need legal counsel in Canada, feel free to look me up. I promise to be better dressed than my peers. Sincerely, Mike F (never one to pass up a networking opportunity)
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I am in my office on the 24th floor of a skyscraper in downtown Dallas at 6 PM on a Friday (what am I doing here anyway?) wearing a really ugly but extremely well-made button-down shirt by Trillion, blue jeans by Faconnable, and sandals by Born. My watch is some ol' Swiss Army watch from around 1990. Keeps the time, though.
Trillion? The store on Worth Ave, in Palm Beach? If so, is it me, or are their cashmere items just perfect? Jon.
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It's not just you. They are
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It's not just you. They are
Yeah. The only problem is that last time I went to shop on Worth Ave, they thought I was a tourist and treated as such. I got no attention for quite a while and before I left, a woman asked if she can help me and I told her I was wondering the prices for Cashmere MTM / Bespoke jackets and she with a very snobbishly, cold, you-can't-afford-our-items demeanor said "they start at $3200." "Thank you", was my response as I left and wondered what part of my easily over $10k (including watch) sport coat + dress slacks outfit she found undeserving of their presence; as quickly as I entered I left. Funny thing though, I had a Trillion cashmere sweater-vest on. Guess I won't be purchasing another one anytime soon. Jon
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I can't believe I missed this thread. This is what I call entertainment. Personally, I don't care if the people on the forum are who they say they are. Some people are deceivingly clever and with enough erudition, they can (over the internet, and sometimes in person) make themselves appear to be something they are not. I'll use myself as an example: if I went on the forum and people were discussing high-end watches and they asked what kind of watches I have, and I listed: AP Perpetual Calendar in 18kt WG blue dial w/ skeleton display-back AP Royal Oak Chronograph Blue dial SS/SS AP RO Offshore Triple Calendar SS/SS BP Air Command SS/SS Breitling Automatic Colt in SS/SS Breitling 18kt WG / Strap Limited Edt. Navitimer Chronograph Rattrapante Breitling Spatiograph SS/SS F.P. Journe Octa Lune 18kt Rose / Strap Breguet EOT Perpetual 18kt Yellow / Strap Breguet Type XX Chronograph SS/SS Cartier Pasha "Golf" 18kt Yellow / Strap Cartier Santos 18kt/SS Patek ref. 5016 Platinum / Strap Patek ref. 5085/1 SS/SS Patek ref. 5004 18kt Rose / Strap Patek ref. 5065/1A Aquanaut SS/SS Rolex Yachtmaster SS/SS Rolex Milgauss SS/SS Rolex Submariner COMEX SS/SS Rolex Seadweller SS/SS Omega Constellation 18kt/SS Omega Constellation Co-Axial 18kt Yellow / Strap Omega Speedmaster SS/SS Heuer vintage Chronograph SS Some of the above are top-shelf models from Patek, like say the ref. 5016 (which is a Tourbillon, minute Repeater Perpetual Calendar wristwatch), the first reaction most people have is to believe me. Most will be impressed that someone on the forum owns a ~$475,000 watch. Some poster (for whatever their particular reason) will immediately denounce my post as fraudulent. The poster might then ask me questions regarding the watch, as such as "how can you tell that your Patek is Platinum and not 18kt WG?" Well, most people would not be able to tell, but Patek for a few years now (3 or 4) has placed a small diamond at the bottom of the midpoint of the underside of the case to distinguish between the two. A detail that is known by collectors, but hardly anyone else. I was told by the Pres of the Henri Stern Agency (PP USA) that most owners do not even notice the diamond when it is on their wrists. Lets say the other person is adamant on showing the forum that I am a fraud and he goes and conducts some research and throws a barrage of questions that I can easily answer. Then the poster goes on, and posts that I should prove that I in fact own the watch (over the internet no less.). So, I post a "home" (nonprofessional) picture of the watch. (I once brokered a deal for the very watch we are discussing, thus I have home pictures of it, but for arguments sake, lets say I do not). How could he know where I got the pic? Maybe I got it off the net, but he cannot find it, then he would believe me, but I would still be lying. Of course, I could show you "home" pictures of watches I do own and I would be telling the truth, but you have no way of knowing. Also, the problem with lying is that if I slipped up, someone on the forum might notice that I previously mentioned that I do not own a BP Air Command in SS/SS and said it was my next purchase, but I now posted that I own one. For the record, I do not own the following: AP RO Offshore Triple Calendar SS/SS Breitling Spatiograph SS/SS F.P. Journe Octa Lune 18kt Rose / Strap Breguet EOT Perpetual 18kt Yellow / Strap Cartier Pasha "Golf" 18kt Yellow / Strap Rolex Submariner COMEX SS/SS Rolex Seadweller SS/SS Omega Constellation Co-Axial 18kt Yellow / Strap Patek ref. 5016 Platinum / Strap Patek ref. 5085/1 SS/SS Patek ref. 5004 18kt Rose / Strap BP Air Command in SS/SS (that is my next purchase though, still bartering with the dealer) But how could you know? (I own more watches than what is left, but let's stick to instructional purposes) Before anyone gets awe-struck, I deal in high-horology on the side and most of the watches were bought for a mere pittance of their original retail value, usually many at dealer cost or less. The same horology dealings (and countless hours of study) over the years have brought me to a point where I can easily manipulate the truth and still get away with it, if I want to. All this brings me to my point, Items like clothes are less likely to have dishonesty involved. They cost less (and are only appreciated by a very, very small portion of the population), and thus the mathematical possibilities of someone lying about the ownership of a pair of Lobb shoes dwells to a minuscule possibility. A picture proves nothing. A name proves nothing. At the same time, who cares? Honestly, I had never heard of Mr. Mittal, until I read his name on this forum. I have met 3 billionaires during my short existence on earth, and honestly the only difference between them and everybody else is their bank accounts. Thus, I am seemingly not impressed by the money they wield or the toys they can buy. Sure, I like nice things too, and I live timepieces, but mostly for their technical aspects and not their price tags, I rather pay what it really costs to manufacture the items, not the retail / dealer wholesale prices, but then the companies would not make a profit (and who would service my watches then?). It is the demeanor and personality of a person that makes them what they are. I could care less who is whom on the forum and if they really have what they have. If he really is who he says he is (like it matters / changes anything in your personal lives), more power to him. If he is someone else, then well, I would suggest a reality check, because you can lie to everybody about everything, but ultimately you will never be able to lie to yourself about who you really are, regardless how deluded you are with yourself, you still know who and what you are. I personally do not purchase items for other people I purchase them for me. My watches are mine, and are there for my enjoyment, I really could care less what anyone thinks, at least when I purchase them. If I happen to once in a while show them off, well my only defense is that I was acting human, and what more can you ask of me than to act like the fellow member of my species? The only think that will directly affect me in my life regarding the real Mr. Mittal (I am not inferring who is whom on the board {and thus I repeat myself}) is if I ever work for his company / subdivisions / sister companies. Until that point I shall continue to chat (if he still goes on the forum) with kalra2411, regardless of who he is. And in closing, I happen to know that several Presidents / VP's of major watch companies post (sometimes regularly) on watch forums using aliases. Thus, nothing is out of the realm of possibility. Jon.
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