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Bugatti veyron

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This press release  (from the Bugatti website) states: "The first vehicles for this exclusive clientele will thus be delivered in the second half of 2005." Apparently the production facilities to manufacture the cars are still in the "planning stages." http://www.bugatti-cars.de/bugatti....ang2=en My calendar tells me that today we are still in the first part of 2004. I will leave it to everyone to draw their own conclusions regarding Kalra's fabulous car collection.   From the web page: March 02, 2004 The Bugatti Veyron has matured into a superlative car     Geneva, 2nd March 2004. - With the Bugatti Veyron project finally drawing to a close, customers are being given top priority. For a vehicle which will be setting new standards in every aspect of luxury sports car creation, these customers exacting requirements are key. Dr. Thomas Bscher, new president of Bugatti Automobiles S.A.S., has determined the time frame for launching the Bugatti EB 16.4 Veyron: "Picture a diamond, which must be carefully cut and polished before the breadth of its brilliance can be revealed. Following in the footsteps of Ettore Bugatti, the Veyron too will be brought to technical perfection. This takes time. And we will take the time we need". In Molsheim, where Ettore Bugatti founded the firm back in 1909, construction work for vehicle delivery is largely complete. Renovation of Château St. Jean was completed three years ago, while the adjoining buildings which will be housing accompanying production infrastructures are nearly finished as well. The centrepiece for the Bugatti Veyrons final assembly is the studio being prepared in 2004 to take up production. A hall to be constructed next to the studio is still in the planning stages. In addition to the logistics required for Veyron production, this will also be used for production and spare parts storage. A clear commitment to the technical design parameters: no compromises have been made to the Bugatti Veyrons ambitious technical specifications. The 1001 PS (736 kW) performance, a torque of 1250 Nm (127.4 mkp) at 2200 U/min, the 8.0 W16 64 V engine with four turbochargers and a top speed of over 400 km/h are fixed parameters for series car construction at a standard never before attained. Thus there are reasons other than these technical cornerstones for Bugatti engineers and technicians deciding to postpone the Bugatti Veyron launch until a later date. The extremely demanding quality standards of the Volkswagen group, which acquired the Bugatti trademark rights in 1998, apply here as well - in this case to an extraordinary, limited-edition super sports car. Somewhat more time than originally anticipated is needed both to meet these unusually high standards, which Bugatti Automobiles S.A.S. itself has set the Veyron in every aspect imaginable, as well as to provide the customer the perfection he has every right to expect from such a unique vehicle. The first vehicles for this exclusive clientele will thus be delivered in the second half of 2005. Bugatti Automobiles S.A.S. has made its objective not only to build a car deserving of the Bugatti name. Yet more significant is the fact that in this car a legendary automobile make will live again. Ettore and Jean Bugatti were ambitious automobile designers, allowing no room for compromise when it came to technical perfection and artistic aesthetics. Heir to this renowned name and its attendant responsibilities and traditions, the firm of Bugatti Automobiles S.A.S. is firmly committed to continuing its grand heritage as a tangible reality, not merely as a philosophical theory.
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Forget it, I leave this forum filled with people on the budgets of my employes, but trying to live my life.
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No, I am serious
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No, look up who Bugatti gifted the display Veyron to at the Geneva motor show.
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Perhaps that is the realease date for the UNITED STATES .....
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Forget it, I leave this forum filled with people on the budgets of my employes, but trying to live my life.
Cut it out Kalra.  First of all, it's insulting to imply that your wealth (and I'm going to take you face value here) makes you better than anyone else.  Pretty much every philosopher, Eastern and Western will back me up on this one.  And I don't think anyone is trying to live your life, though you certainly seem to have an enviable toy collection. Second, it's only reasonable that the combination of your coy posts and your (perhaps justifiable) wish to remain anonymous will attract skeptics.  I personally think it unlikely that someone would go to such elaborate lengths to play a prank on us.   I hope that you will stay on with us, but please refrain from insulting other members of the board.
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No, look up who Bugatti gifted the display Veyron to at the Geneva motor show.
I did not buy it, they gave it to me, I do not think you understand that everyone does not have the same satus. Why do you think that eveyone lives by release dates, for one we can take the Louis Vuitton Murakamis, wanted by women around the world for at least two years now, about when they revealed them to the world, at that time all the Hollwood stars had one, but they were not released untill the begining of this year.Y et people did have them. Take another example, the Puff Daddy video featuring the Roylls Royce Phantom was released at least 6 months before the Phantom went into (mass) production. It may also shock you to know that I owned a Mercedes-Benz Vision SLR untill last year, when they asked for it back when the McLaren SLR was revealed. However, as you do not belive me, I may aswell forget it.
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LA, I would not be insulting you if your peers did not call me a liar. As you said yourself, why would I go to such lengths to tell a lie? All I wanted was to meet a few people from a different class, and thought I should not dive in, but first go to the upper/middle class, and then venture into the deep end. All because I felt fed up will all the showing off, and "getting things done". At first I though that in this forum a few similar people (to me) would be here, clearly on that count I was wrong. Perhaps my knowledge of products is not as great as yours, but that is because I don't have to put as much thought into it, although if you asked me about planes I am sure that my knowledge would surpass yours, because that is a big investment for me. I know this will lead to more claims that I am a liar, but I own a Boeing Business Jet, and as proof, my aircraft reference is N-786 AKII. Check that out for yourself, I used to own a Gulfstream V before the BBJ.
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Come what may no more than 300 Veyrons will be built (excluding the 13 prototypes that already exist but will not be sold).
As said on the link you gave to The Times, so what do you think they did with the 12 prototypes, (of course excluding one for upcoming motor shows)
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Hmmm- I guess this is where the moderator usually steps in and says something Solomonic... You are welcome here, Kalra, but I for one don't understand the need to continually tell us about the toys unless it's a deep seated need for approval or appreciation. Lest you think I'm judging you- I have the same need, which is why I wrote a book. Why not tell us more about yourself, perhaps even re-register under another name (J can help with this), so that we can get to know you as the great human being you are, rather than an extremely adept collector of beautiful things?
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Well is that not the point of this forum, to discuss the luxurys of life, such as clothing, and just beacuse it has gone onto more expensive things like cars, why is it suddenly so wrong? Okay well I too have had enough, so I will tell you who I am now, for one thing I lied about not being Indian, and hence I am Lakshmi Mittal. A bid you adieu,
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Oxford was also a lie, but my son is at school in Oxford...
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I know you guys are also going to ask about why the house in the car pics was not the one you heard all the news reports about, Kensington Palace Gardens, because that is another of my houses in Hampstead in the car pics.
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Kalo dulu pernah tinggal disana, masih bisa ngerti ini nggak?
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