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Kindle/Ebook Publishing for Profit

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Hey Styleforum,

Been awhile since I posted in this section but I know there are some great business heads on here so I'd really like to see if anyone else is looking in to kindle/ebook publishing for profit.

It seems some people have been doing really well with short, low-priced (largely outsourced) items by applying internet marketing techniques to the ttle, subject and listing. If you could get a nice stable of books off the ground it could be highly passive income,

Anyone here trying this? thought about it? I'll share my humble attempts as they develop.
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I guess this died pretty quickly...
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The thread or the attempt?

I know a lot of people who are making good money through self-publishing. I'm not sure what your goals and abilities are, but I've seen very talented and less-than-talented writers make an impressive, steady amount of cash doing this.
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Haha, my modest attempt is still going strong, I meant this thread.

Yeah I'm not much of a writer, certainly not a book length writer, but I think I may able to do well with the marketing and promoting aspect, especially by picking a narrow niche and then slamming it as hard as possible.

Starting out I've been soliciting thesis papers from my liberal arts friends to use as the basis for books.
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i've been involved (am involved) in this ... and i've been involved in traditional book publishing. i hate to say it, but self-publishing ebooks, even when backed by a media corporation, has made me appreciate how much traditional publishers do. start-up costs are low, but so are sales figures, generally speaking. It'll be interesting to see how this evolves as the technology evolves ... as people become more familiar with reading on tablets, as sales venues (amazon, bn, et al) become more adept at promoting ebooks that don't already have a print brand established, and as alternate sales venues become popular, if they do (people still tend to go to book sites to buy books, rather than buying directly from author websites). i've got a feeling that some social media maven could come in and make a splash that would change things (someone with a huge blog/Twitter/Facebook following). But that hasn't happened yet. I'm afraid, the financial model for "real" authors (ie, already been published, have a track record) still favors traditional publishing. which isn't to say that this, too, won't change someday.
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I'd be really curious to see both of you elaborate.

@Reynard what sorts of topics and lengths have your friends been successful with? My goals are frankly kind of ambitious; I think my biggest challenge will be aligning my esoteric interests with niches that are actually profitable

@foodguy do you work for a blue chip publisher? I'm sure everything you say is right; perhaps my saving grace is that the same sales figures that would be dismal for a company with large overhead could be a smashing success for me.
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then you are the ideal test case. yeah, i've been lucky. in both my writing jobs i get paid in real money by real publishers. i just hope both hold out for a little longer. i'm too lazy to work for nothing.
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