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Happy Birthday to The Foxx!

Shout out to another original member.
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Were has The_Foxx been lately?
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I believe he is an international businessman; a nomad in a suit, to use a phrase. He's posted occasionally.

Also, I think I saw that use Mike's birthday was yesterday. Happy birthday all!
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Its my birthday, WOOO.
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'appy birfday guvnuh.

Try not to get too Spokaned tonight...
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nah, didnt get Spokaned tonight. Last Friday on the other hand, I was playing bartender at a going away party for Japanese students/friends so I had the duty of getting all the girls good and drunk (as well as myself). Decided to give the liver a good rest (well kinda, I had a rum and coke last night) till my Christmas-NewYears week long bender. I got some Raw (true unwashed... I think they fit kinda big like they would shrink...) Uniqlo S-001 Jeans, Nice dark dark Indigo, and some other stuff.
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Happy Birthday, Dakota!!!!! I wish this to be a bright year for you, and that they continue that way. Regards, Huntsman
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Thanks Huntsman. '07 will be much better than last year. In fact, if things continue the way the year's begun, it'll be the best year ever. Cheers gents. And thanks to all for making an old fart feel welcome here.
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Happy birthday DR! Hope things go much better for you this year, and from what you are mentioning, things are going that way!
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Happy Birthday Dakota!!!
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Happy Birthday to Cary Grant!

Born 1/18/1904!
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Happy Birthday to Vintage Gent! Best wishes to you
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For SoCal:

Happy Cesar Chavez's birthday! Si Se Puede!
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Happy Bday to FLMountainMan today.
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Happy Birthday Dusty.

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