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$50 (USD)
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For Sale:
WTB: VNeck Sweater, among other things

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Hi, not sure if these WTB gets answered but I'm sure people have used things that they can get rid of.


Here are some things I'm in the market for, I'm a student and don't want to spend too much, thus, used and lightly worn is ok. I'm thrifty, so if its something you don't plan on wearing and looks in decent shape, I'm sure I'll be interested.


Also, I'm 5'5 and slim, so everything must be XS and slim fit.


Long Sleeve V neck sweater. (Pref Black) $25~40

Long Sleeve Henley. (Gray or Black) $15~30


These are the things I need the most, but if you have button downs or dress shirts ($15~30), or anything that is deeply discounted, just send me a pm.


And if you are my size and want to sell me a lot, let me know, we can work out a deal.


Thanks for reading.