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You need to split fit and quality in two categories. Fit varies from person to person, someone could look fantastic in a Brioni suit while another may not, there is however no denying the quality of a Brioni suit
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The answer is "it depends", is it not? Who is buying and what do they want? MTM services at that price point can probably deliver good quality and fit, but the results will be better for people who know enough to constructively participate in the process, and if you don't know what you're looking for there is a risk of ending up with something pretty awful or that will look dated very quickly. On the other hand, if someone who knows absolutely nothing walks into Brooks Brothers and just lets the salesperson and tailor do what they do, they may not get the best theoretical value but the probability they end up with something horrific is approximately 0, and odds are better than even they will walk out with a perfectly decent suit that will age very well. Also, some people are lucky enough to find a particular cut from a particular brand that just fits their body very well OTR, and others are not so lucky. For different people the brands that provide "superior fit" will be very, very different.
So who is asking the question? A person looking for their very first suit, or a style expert on a specific budget? Tall, short, fat, skinny, muscular, big butt or flat butt, wide hips or narrow hips, broad shouldered or narrow shouldered? Old or young, conservative or flashy? Etc., etc., etc.
The more I learn here the less I know. YMMV.

Of course, no one can give a blanket answer, point well taken. For me personally, I wear suits 4 or 5 days a week and enjoy a modern cut without getting 'skinny'. Because of my height (5'9") I always stick to 2-button jackets and prefer single breasted. In the past, the Boss 'Jam' or 'James' jackets have fit me well with minimal tailoring required, so I've relied on them. But, I've read such negative comments in relation to HB suits that I've opened my scope up to see what is out there with superior quality.

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