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Second Bespoke Commission Ideas - WW Chan

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Several months ago I made my first bespoke commission at WW Chan (Pictures in the Chan Thread here). Wanting to keep things as simple and elemental as possible on this first go around, I opted for a worsted navy two button. There are some improvements to make on a future commission, but overall I'm very pleased and should have the financial means to order one or two other things this year. Problem is, I'm a bit at odds as to what I should order. And I don't think another suit will be the most useful for me.

Looking at Manton's If you don't have this shit you should feel bad If you do not own these things then you are not well dressed thread, I have most everything except a good DB suit in either grey flannel or worsted navy. I'm not entirely satisfied with the quality of all the items on the list but I have them and they work, and what's more the a DB suit is not of much daily use to me. My work environment doesn't usually require me to wear a tie, so I don't typically wear a suit, and my day-to-day uniform is usually a sports jacket, trousers, and no tie. Additionally, I am quite young for my position and I feel like a DB suit in a business context is ostentatious, similar to why I don't wear contrast collars.

So what I'm looking for are suggestions on what might be a good second commission with a focus on versatile sports jackets. I work with the IT industry and even the executives there are typically jacketless and in dockers/sports shirt, so I stick to the sports jacket only with the exception of a few rare suit and tie clients and occasions. Here's a quick list of what I own (jackets only, not including suits except where they can be broken up successfully) and perhaps y'all can source some ideas. If you have specific fabric recommendations that I can take to Chan's tour in Chicago later that would be even greater. I live in Ohio now and would love to have something that works for as close to year round as possible that can be worn to customer meetings.

Sports Jackets
1. All-season Sulka navy herringbone (works as a blazer for me)
2. Heavy wool hopsack navy (F/W blazer surrogate)
3. Greyish brownish tweed - almost too professorial for business I feel, would be open to a more useful tweed jacket
4. Medium brown PoW Check cashmere/wool
5. Cashmere two-button jacket, camel color
6. Dark grey glen check cashmere/wool jacket, is a suit but works well as separates mostly, pattern is muted.
7. Black and white herringbone Harris Tweed
8. Howard Yount deep blue windowpane cashmere/wool sports jacket (the new one he just put up for sale)
9. Howard Yount light blue windowpane linen/wool (from last season)
10. Brown/tan linen/silk/wool Paul Stuart jacket
11. Bone/light khaki cotton jacket, very casual, don't typically wear to work
12. Seersucker suit/jacket
13. White linen jacket
14. Medium navy linen DB blazer suit - shitty quality, only wear for fun/dances

Any suggestions as to what comes next?
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Seems like you have a lot of sports coats already. Maybe look at the one you wear the most and have Chan make it in a higher quality fabric? I commissioned a navy finmeresco blazer with patch pockets (actually just got it today!) to replace an older basic navy blazer. My strategy is to upgrade and replace what I already wear a lot instead of building out my wardrobe.

Alternatively, maybe think about a nice topcoat instead of another sport coat? One that could be worn casually or over a sport coat or suit?
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Do you have a warm weather blazer? I had one with patch side pockets + welt, horn buttons made from H&S Crispaire. Only coat I ever wore out. Eventually had to retire it because I wore a hole into the elbow.
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Could go for a gun club. Or something for evening with peak lapels, like in velvet.
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I recommend a fall/winter weight navy cashmere flannel jacket, soft construction with patch pockets. In your tieless settings it will look dressy yet relaxed. A soft cashmere will feel as cozy as a chunky knit sweater on a cold Ohio day. Women will want to touch you smile.gif
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Gun club could work- any suggestions on fabric?

With regards to the navy jacket suggestions- if someone could suggest a nice pattern I might be up for it. I just bought the fall navy jacket and a cashmere jacket for winter so- not sure I want to get another. I've thought about doing a blazer in crispaire, and if I still lived home in Texas I'd probably think about it, but I wouldn't get to wear it too often.

I think I'd be interested in a jacket that would be usable most of the year, and probably not a 4th item
in navy (blazer, cold weather blazer, navy suit, navy pinstripe suit). I appear to have a lot of jackets, but there are only 5-6 that can be worn in any given season and less than that to work. Maybe something in grey pattern, a lighter blue pattern etc..
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