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S & K

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Interested in a pre-owned navy blazer with a Lauren by Ralph Lauren label and an S & K label. It looks, on the web, like S & K no longer exists with that name and was headquartered in North Carolina. Was this a national chain and what can anyone tell me about it? What were some of its brands?
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If S&K is S&K Menswear, then it was the lowest of the low. Believe it or not, S&K occupied a rung below Men's Wearhouse and JAB. Mostly polyester suits. Even pre-SF, I could never bring myself to buy anything there. They used to run a deal, $200 for 2 suits, 2 shirts, and 2 ties. Lauren by Ralph Lauren is the lowest echelon of RL, but I'm sure it was the cream of S&K's crop. I wouldn't buy anything associated with the store. If you REALLY must purchase a used item from the former Walmart of men's clothing, make sure you're paying well under $50 for it. Afterall, you can probably go into Macy's or a Polo outlet and buy a LRL blazer brand new for $150-$200.
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Lauren is not owned by RL anymore; indepedently run.
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Lauren is the majority of what you find at the Polo outlets, so I'd say there's still some sort of affiliation, be it a simple licensing arrangement or otherwise. Regardless of ownership, the point remains: Lauren by Ralph Lauren should not be confused PRL, Black Label or Purple Label stuff.
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I'm aware it is a lower rank if not currently the lowest. There was Chaps but I believe it's totally separate, if still in existence. Was just asking about S & K.
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