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Robe Pr0n

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At risk of creating a thread that may end up bordering on actual pr0n, I am creating this thread to indulge my recent fascination with robes. I'm still searching for one of my own, but the best collection of robes I know of must belong to Hercule Poirot. Here is one of them:

Bruce Wayne had a rather nice one in the most recent Batman as well:

What are your robe preferences? Is silk or cashmere more practical?
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I have a thick terrycloth robe from Brooks Brothers that is pretty awesome. Terry seems to be the ideal material to me for a robe. It is soft, launder-able, and absorbs water from the shower you may have just taken.
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mornin' a tutti
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Cheers, Rob. The absorbent properties of terry cloth are quite attractive, if not as luxurious as silk or cashmere. These seem to be fabrics you don't want to wear when wet. Maybe one robe for after a shower in the morning, another for lounging in the evening?
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Terry cloth all the way. I once had a robe with a terry cloth lining and a smooth cotton shell - DEEEEEE LUX!

I've no interest in silk or cashmere for evening. A little too 'dandy' for my taste.
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Well, you will quickly find that you will need several robes to cover a multiple of needs. Terry is great for getting out of the shower. I suggest you collect a selection from your favourite hotels - buy them don't nick them. A few that I like the best come from the Beverly Hills Hotel and the Splendido Hotel.

My other robes are from Budd Shirtmakers in London: a striped robe in cotton shirting fabric for warmer days, a wool robe in navy blue with red piping for cooler days, and a silk robe in a heavy paisley madder for luxuriating days.

It is a slippery slope my friend - just like most sartorial endeavours.

Good luck!
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Originally Posted by NewYorkRanger View Post

mornin' a tutti

Forza Napoli!!!!!

I love that!
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Originally Posted by marcodalondra View Post

Forza Napoli!!!!!
I love that!


This is my one and only robe. Our apartment gets too hot for anything but shorts and tees to lounge in after the kids are in bed. In fact, I wear the robe more in the summer than I do in winter, even with windows opened mid January.
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will never understand the need for a robe.

lounging? is a pair of sweats too constricting?
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I have a thick waffle weave from, eek, pottery barn. I hardly ever wear it (mine does not have initials).

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I have a pendleton wool robe (which I believe I may have purchased from this site's B&S actually) that looks like this:

In the winter I wear the robe over pajamas and it is quite warm and comfortable.
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To be fair, it was a really nice robe....

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Mark Rykken is beyond reproach.

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Is that a PS in his pocket even?
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You go to bed without a pocket square...? uhoh.gif
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