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Upgrading my wardrobe from Alfani, Geoffrey Beene, etc..... to.... nicer clothing.

I live in Southern CA, and it tends to be warm year-round. Thicker shirts plus a suit... unpleasant.

After quite a bit reading on the forums here, I've learned that TM Lewin and Charles Tyrwhitt are well respected brands that people usually recommend. While I'm sure they are well-made shirts and of nice fabric, I read they're heavier/thicker shirts. Similar to a Faconnable or BB.

If that is the case, what other shirt brands would you recommend?

I tried on Hugo Boss shirts over the weekend, and they feel nice. Not heavy, either. Definitely much nicer than my Alfani shirts. However, I've learned there are some HB naysayers (perhaps, rightfully so). These HB shirts can be had for $50-60 from my local HB outlet store... at the right time.

If HB is going to fall apart, or over-priced for what it is, are there other brands you would recommend?