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I'm glad they're retconning the Xmen franchise. Honestly, all of those movies were a few degrees off.

Wolverine Origins while beginning well just became a complete mess by the end.

First class was decent, but don't understand why they can't follow the original setup - ProfX, Jean, Cyclops, Iceman, Angel, Beast. Then add in your second round of heroes from the Krakoa (?) storyline. Thought Banshee was cool, Havoc was a complete waist (Cyclops substitute). Just get it right the first time.

Intrigued for this Wolverine.

Hope Days of Future Passed brings things back (although reading through this thread, Singer as a director doesn't install much confidence).
Originally Posted by hoozah View Post

he has muscles in places I didn't even know were possible

fuck i'm excited for 2013


And he'd still get ridiculed in the Random Health and Exercise Thoughts thread for not deadlifting enough.
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That´s insane. Like Ryan Reynolds said once: dude bench presses cattle.

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i'm excited for this one. and Days of Future Past storyline for next Xmen movie? yes please!
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We will finally get to see Sentinels!

Mark Millar:

"Singer is excellent at working with ensemble casts. So with this one I feel it is all fine. I have read the screenplay and it doesn’t feel rushed and it doesn’t feel like it is too many characters."

"I think the best comparison I can give is to Star Trek – that is an ensemble but it never feels as if there is not enough time with any one character. Or maybe Lost – that is an ensemble but every character gets their own moment to shine. So as long as everyone is there for a reason there doesn’t need to be a problem with so many characters. This is a beautifully structured film, and it is a time travel story so the structure has to be especially strong."

"I don’t really want to give too much away but the Sentinels are a big feature of this story. They will be cool and this will deliver on all of the teasers. We’ve all been waiting for this ever since X-Men: The Last Stand showed us one of their heads. Now it is finally coming, and we only have to pay ten quid to see it in the cinema."

"Kitty Pride fans will not be disappointed."

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Also, is Logan SF approved? His claws match the belt?
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mmm.. sleeves are a tad long, he ain´t showing no shirt cuff and black shirt is not very accepted... but now looking at those adamantium claws, yes, he´s totally SF approved  peepwall[1].gif

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Mmmm... button stance too high. Not enough waist suppression.

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bad ass in a suit - check
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Hugh looking jacked, man.
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man, I wish I had access to HGH and Clenbuterol...
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Deltoids looking kinda weak...



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this was him last year for Les Miserables


big difference
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So vascular.

And he is built like a brick through the midsection. Like no drop there.
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Wolverine teaser: https://vine.co/v/bDExaiMjJ1F

And is that Jean Grey! bounce2.gif
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