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You've all been very helpful so far--thank you again for being so informative and patient.  


I'm interested to hear what people think about Benjamin Sartorial suits (and what they should be reasonably priced at).  Also, Yoox is just a website that sells lots of designer suits, correct?  What would be a good price point for a Brooks Brothers suit?    


What do people think about the MTM suits that are out there (indochino, Thick as Thieves, etc.)?  How does the quality in construction and material match up to OTR suits?  Do OTR suits generally offer better quality materials because of volume discounts for material, etc.?


Also, with respect to suit quality and construction, has SF developed a generally agreed-upon "rank ordered" list?

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Suit supply!
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Yes.... All of my suits are Prive & Baroni. They are tailored as well. However, with my Clothier, I pay $695. This comes with a tailored suit, shirt, and Robert Talbot "Best of Class" Tie. I think it is a great suit. I have about six or seven of them. They wear very comfortable and last very long. I wear some combination of the suits, or slacks and a blazer everyday for work. They are worth the money.

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