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Total noob here.


I found my old CF parade boots in my old closet this weekend. I haven't worn them in about six years but they're in pretty good shape, still comfortable with the right socks on, and I could get them looking great and shiny very quickly. I'm wondering if it is worth it though. They're a little bit clunky (steel toes) to go with formal wear and because they only really look good with a shine I don't know how good they'd look with casual wear. I'll probably keep them as a dressier option for days too wet/slushy for formal shoes. I'd appreciate any suggestions on how to wear them more casually though. It's simple enough to match to a belt, jacket, etc but I'm wondering about pants to try/avoid, etc with them. Also please let me know if no matter what they'll make me look like an idiot... and/or fascist.