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go to zombo.com now. turn on your speakers. The unattainable is unknown at zombocom.
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Slow day, J.?
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I skipped my first class and am just being a bum waiting for laundry right now. I have nothing to wear to school. (The horror...)
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I've had it running in the background for the last couple of minutes. The voice is oddly calming... My favorite Internet time-waster: The BBC Learning waste paper game. I think it's some kind of tie-in to "The Office".
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I'm so pissed... I'm unable to play the "wasting paper game" while listening to Zombo.com. I need another computer so that I may be fulfilled... I did play the paper game for like an hour...
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arise. ye old thread from yesteryear. man how old is zombocom - i remember seeing that back in...musta been 1999-2000-ish. and by then it had probably already been around a while. WELCOME TO ZOMBOCOM...
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God, I remember Zombo.com from a few years ago as well, what I don't remember is how in the world I came about finding it...Possibly the funniest website on the internet, its genius. Eric
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Stumbled upon this again today. Never gets old
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