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How do people here like the new Apple Earpods?

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Just curious if anyone is using them and what they think?

Good sound? Decent for the money? Any problem areas?
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Reports are that they are better then the old ones they gave you for free. Still not all that great even if they are an upgrade.
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Some of my serious audio buddies really like these. I may buy a pair this weekend.
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Bought a pair and there are certainly pros and cons.


I had the original headphones and they were nice but they didn't block the sound around me enough here in Hong Kong.


So, bought the in-ear ones from Apple.  They sound great and isolate me from the HK noise but the rubber pieces that go into your ear often come loose either when I pull the headphone from my ear or when I fish them out of my pocket.  If the rubber pieces stayed on the headphone, that would have been excellent. 


I went and picked up the new Earpods and have had an interesting response.  The bass is better than the originals. Much better.  They don't isolate you from the ambient noise so if you're in a busy city, you might want to go with the in-ear models as long as you can super glue those rubber pieces onto the headphones.


The highs and mids are clearer as the music is piped directly down your ear canal vs hitting the wall of your ear and then meandering it's way down the canal.  They do feel like they're going to come loose out of your ear a bit though.  Perhaps applying some liquid rubber will provide more traction for the earpod to stay in the ear. 


Either way, I use the earpods daily and the rest of the headphones stay at home.  My exgf gave me the dr dre big headphones and due to their cumbersome nature, they stay in the box in the closet.  :( what a waste. :(

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The old ones just plain suckes. Didn't fit in your ear at all.

I have the iphone5 so I also have the headphones. Haven't even opened/tried them. But they do look like an improvement, fit wise. Will report back later..
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^cool story:)
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Just tried mine out. They don't stay in my ears all that well. First impression of sound quality - they are INCREDIBLY bass heavy.
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The IEMs are pretty good and cheap for balanced armatures. But I definitely don't think much of the new stock ones.
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