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Fake Marinella Ties On eBay (Warning)

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A seller's popped up on eBay selling NIB Marinella ties that're advertised as being 1st-quality pieces from the Marinella store. I bought one, left feedback on his page, and, within hours, received an email from another eBay member telling me that the tie's a fake. The claim's that the ties are sourced from a manufacturer in Naples who sews Marinella labels onto them. The labels are absolutely spot-on.


The guy who contacted me said that every menswear dealer in Italy knows what's going on. Is that true? Can any Italian SF'ers verify that these ties are floating around?


The tie that I bought is almost certainly a fake. But it's a high-quality fake--self-tipped, heavy silk, thick knot, nice keeper. But, like fake LV bags, the pattern is cut off on one side of the tie. This was obviously not disclosed in the eBay ad. 


I find it sad as hell that people are knocking off menswear--especially since so few men actually wear ties.


Here are a couple of terrible pictures:




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I am going to go ahead and say that it is not a fake and the pattern thing you are talking about is simply the way the fabric was cut, if you make a few ties in the same fabric, the pattern will fall differently on each, unless you specifically attempt to cut them exactly the same, which is possible, but that will create a lot of waste (both in fabric and money. I know some people mind that in ties and I try and not have any come out like that, but it does not bother me, if anything it adds to the tie.

edit: to clarify, it could very well be a "fake", made from the same silk Marinella uses, sewn by the same people, using the same interlining, but not sold by Marinella. The pattern is not an indication that it is fake.
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I'm now in the midst of an ongoing dialogue with the whistleblower who claims that he knows the source of the ties and the guy who's selling them online. He claims that they're being sold on the street for 20 EU. This guy is adamant.


I'm not nearly expert enough to know the truth here, but this post'll just get saved for anyone who comes along in the future.


Really, it's not a huge issue, since the ties (aside from the pattern thing, and regardless of their manufacturer) are actually decent.

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I bought a fake Belvest overcoat from Italy. As a rule I don't buy anything online from Italy.
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Originally Posted by tonylamer View Post

I find it sad as hell that people are knocking off menswear--

TBH I'm sure just about everything gets copied and faked, especially nice Italian menswear.
Originally Posted by tonylamer View Post

especially since so few men actually wear ties.

Ties can be popular Christmas, Father's Day, Valentine's Day, etc. presents, even though the recipients might never wear them. One of those things that loved ones give their men, because they can't think of anything more original.
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just out of curiosity, does it matter if it's fake?

If it's a pattern that you like, and of the same quality
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Seems as though

youve had a shitty week

on eBay.
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I think it's hard to tell based on the pictures. I have to add that the pattern being cut off isn't an indicator of it being fake though. I recently bought some Isaia ties from a reputable dept store and when I got home noticed on one of them the neat print was cut off and not alligned with the blade. Annoying but I was too lazy to exchange it.
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