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Menswear stores in Boston?

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I've lived in Cambridge for a few years, and after visiting my friends in NYC and my brother in SF, I have to say I'm pretty appalled by the lack of decent menswear shops around here.


As far as stores I regularly check out, there's really only Barney's, Rescue, Ball and Buck, and some other various department stores. 


Are there some hidden gems out there, or is the Boston area really just kind of a desert for good shopping?

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Louis Boston is alleged to be a great store, but I've never been.
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1 Liberty Square  Boston, MA 02109


Andover Shop

22 Holyoke Street  Cambridge, MA 02138

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I've heard good things about Bobby from Boston. But of course it was closed the day of the week I went to Boston...
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Mr. Sid out in Newton is very good. The Seagal family has been around for a while and truly believe in customer service. I usually deal with one of the sons named Barry. If you're in the market for true bespoke take a 45 minute ride south down to Providence, RI and see Marc Streisand at Marc Allen Clothiers. They do an amazing job and also have a great selection of RTW clothes if you are built to fit off the rack, regretfully I'm not.
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Drinkwaters in Cambridge for sure. Great guy to deal with. Uniform in south end has cool stuff And are nice people. Sorta tough if you're 6 foot tall with big shoulders though.
Tannery has some neat stuff. Big attitude though.
Bodega for sneakers but it's a little over the top.
I don't quite understand ball and buck quite yet.
Bobbys is like a museum...and his warehouse is unreal.
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The Filene's in Boston and Newton used to have clothes at amazing prices before they closed.  Last year I found a cashmere two-button, side-vented navy blazer by Burberry (made by Belvest) for only $330.  Does anyone know who gets the merchandise that previously got sent to Filene's?  Does it all go to Marshall's or TJ Maxx or Century 21 now?  Is there a store around Boston that offers the clothes from Mitchell's, Louis's, and other top retailers that used to go to Filene's? 

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