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Need help with maths question

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15 years out of school and with a non-science degree under my belt, my maths is a bit rusty. Need to brush up for a computer-based test.

The question is this:

"Some tourists return to the same country several times in the same year. In 2000, it was noted that in Italy 80% of tourists made a single trip to the country, 15% came twice, and 5% at least 3 times. How many individual tourists visited Italy in 2000?"

Then there is a table: "Tourists staying at least 1 night when visiting a country (in thousands)" and under Italy the figure for the year 2000 is 22,800.

The answer is multiple-choice:

Up to 20,330,000
Up to 21,500,000
Up to 21,670,000
Up to 22,800,000
Up to 20,220,000

I can click on Show result to know the right answer, but don't know how to get there... Ideas?
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ok forget it, I got it... just came to me where the error in my thinking was. Solved.
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Sorry if I revive this extremely old thread, but I too am interested in this question, and though I too finally came up with the "correct" answer of 20330, I remain unconvinced on how and why the procedure I followed actually makes sense because it appears not to be consistent with the way I thought the question was meant to be understood.


Would you mind to share your calculations? Thanks a lot in advance.


EDIT: I, too, have now understood the exact reasoning behind the solution, though the wording of the question is kind of deceitful because a very easy question involving extremely basic math turned seemingly impossible because of the objective difficulties in interpreting its meaning.


To everyone *else* out there that may be fooled by it, I'll post the (very elementary) reasoning behind the solution in a different forum, more suited to this kind of content.


I most humbly apologize for the intrusion. Greetings.

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