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Those are damn fine shoes.
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Thanks gents. As for the sole pattern that was pretty much all Antonio. to be honest I did not expects much for the test shoe so when he suggested museum calf I did not really expect to turn this good. I DID email him to make sure this is not the final shoe.
Will share pic of the them in action as I would your kind input and how to explain the fit. I am still new and trying to figure wether I have a high or low instep puzzled.gif
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instep is the top part of your foot....if it comes up really high...you have high instep....vice versa for low...


so....for example...if your foot is pressed very hard against the vamp of the shoe (the top part) and it is uncomfortable...you have a high instep....if on the other hand it is very room and spacious and doesnt fit well...you have a low instep.


....that is extremely general...and assumes you are trying on a shoe that is modeled exactly to 'the average sized foot'...if there even is such a thing.

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Thanks for the clarification. Got pic for my test shoes from Antonio, should be here by the end of the week:

Bellissime scarpe! fing02[1].gif
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