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Unfortunately the test pair is too narrow for me (blame on me as I specifically asked for a smug fit and low instep). Antonio was kind enough to allow me to send back the test pair for adjusting to a wider fit in order there is no wastage.

Now I am waiting for them to come back.
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I see. So, after they are back, you will be able to add them to your rotation. smile.gif
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Using my test shoes for a few weeks now and if you consider santoni GY shoes as wearable, you could also conclude his test shoes are. To be honest, his test shoes are slightly better even!
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Originally Posted by dan'l View Post

I'm drafting an e-mail to Antonio, but I don't want to include too many questions, especially since some of you probably know the answer.

WRT the test shoes, they are "fully functional" shoes, meaning I could continue to wear them after I receive the final pair, right? Of course there may be slight differences compared to the final shoes (in case of adjustments, etc.) but they are wearable, right? Also, I know that they need to be on the same last and same style, but is it possible to get the two shoes in different colors, at least? Say black for the test ones and then brown for the final pair (everything else remains the same)? I read some posts regarding test shoes but wanted to be sure. Also, is there a difference in the leather used for the shoes (assuming no exotics are used)?

Thanks guys.

The test shoes are fully wearable. My test pair is one of the most comfortable I own and very durable. Antonio allowed modification in style such as a different medallion, brougeing or not and a different color. 


I believe there is a difference in the leather used. The standard line and aurum leathers are excellent. I'd rate the test shoe leather as good. It is probably the same standard crust leather but not the primary cuts in the hide if I were to make a guess. 


Here is a picture of mine after about 2 months of wear and, somewhat sacrilegiously, multiple days in a row.


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