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True. Any shop offering longs online would make a killing... mwink%5B1%5D.gif

YooX think otherwise.
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Yoox doesn't offer longs.


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True. Any shop offering longs online would make a killing... :smarmy:

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I bought a K jacket a couple weeks ago, and it's pilling like crazy. 100% washed wool. I love the style and fabric, but I'm hesitant to buy more wool (or cashmere) K jackets because of the pilling. I don't mind it aesthetically, just uncertain if I'm going to rub a whole in it quickly. 


I've read that wool pilling dimishes over time; any truth to this?

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My first one, love it.

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I know this thread has been dormant for a while but I had a question about 'Coat' vs 'K Jacket' fit - I was able to try on a K jacket at a store near where I live and it fit me perfectly. However having never tried the the 'Coat' fit, is there a big difference between the two? Is one looser or slimmer or are they quite similar?


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K is noticeably shorter and slimmer than Coat from my experience. 

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From my experience there is a wide fluctuation in how the K fits from style to style
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Excuse me for my English, I am not a native speaker. 

Perhaps someone here could recognise this Boglioli Coat model? I have only 1 photo and measurements, and I am trying to decide, should I go to seller's town or not :)
If someone has this model (this color or other), please could you make some photos? 


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Hi folks,


I spent too much time humming and haa-ing over a particular Boglioli K jacket from the boglioli online store. They have finally taken the winter section off their website and now that I've lost the opportunity to buy I've realised should have just gone for it.


Does anyone know what happens to their unsold stock usually? I'm assuming it's unlikely it will ever resurface on their website. Is their any point in holding my breath for an appearance on yoox?



Agh...why am i so indecisive

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Hi @G. Landi from your post a few years back it's obvious you know a lot about the brand. They are very much interested in growing their presence in the US and will open their first store in NY this summer. I met the guys from NY recently and they are hopeful about the demand for Boglioli's casual fine tailoring style. The unstructured, soft-shouldered, unlined jackets have always been what they are known for and more recently they've also strengthened pants (pleated and tapered) and knits for an effortless and relaxed total look. 


It's been a while they are only making K-Jacket, Dover and Coat three styles. They told me only K-Jackets are garment dyed and the other two are either yarn dyed or piece dyed. Because garment dyeing requires more complicated washing and dyeing after garments are made they are also more expensive. And it's the style they will continue to focus on. I've tried on all three styles from the recent seasons and my observation is K-Jackets use more interesting fabrics and have the unique garment-dyed look. The other two are also great just less adventurous. Regardless of the style the quality of fabric, tailoring and details are top notch.


I didn't notice much difference in the fit. They really try to tailor the jackets to fit you comfortably without being restricting to achieve an effortless and relaxed feel. They prefer lightweight materials that drape well, from the shoulders to the collar to the chest. I find their size rather generous, at most a drop 6 and reach mid to lower crotch. I have a Dover double breasted jacket from ss15 made of slightly brushed silk. It fits like I just described. 

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Most companies have varied their fit from year to year so you can't really compare models from previous years to the current season.

My experience on recent try-ons is that the K - Jacket is a tad longer and roomier in the shoulder. It is still a trim cut but not as skinny as the Coat. I think it fits more in line with most makers fashionable "regular" tailored cut. But that is just my opinion.
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Normally I wouldn't have generalized the fit from different styles, let alone from different seasons. Also within each style various models will fit slightly differently. But after trying on many jackets from SS16 to 4,5 years back I think maybe my impression can help lessen some people's concern with the fit. I didn't notice much distinguishable difference among each style or overtime, such as one style definitively slimmer, rather all three styles have models cut slimmer than the others. My general feel is they have longer length and a more generous cut, which is the style they are selling, casual fine tailoring, easy to wear and less demanding on body types. 

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