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Fashion sweetspot price vs quality

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Have you guys found any labels which you just find perfect price and quality? I feel as if slowly as the price rises the gap between quality gets smaller and smaller e.g. there's a HUGE difference between a $10 and $100 shirt/pants and a big difference between $100 and $200 but as you keep going the difference becomes smaller. Don't get me wrong I love amazing quality it's just breathtaking I was just curious if anyone has found what they feel as the sweetspot in between?

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Good question, I agree on the narrowing on the gap the farther you go up but I think it is largely dependent on the brand rather than on the price quality relation. As the price goes up most of the time the quality will as well although there are some brands where there are significant mark ups for brand recognition. I am not a specialist on this but I guess (as they are made in the same factory with the same people) a Zegna mainline suit will have similar quality as a lower priced Gucci suit but by far be cheaper than the Gucci suit. I guess you could continue this comparison. It will be better to buy a Delvaux bag rather than a LV bag compared to price quality if you can live with the fact that there are not enormous amounts of LV signs plastered on your bag.

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I wouldn't say I have found a perfect sweet spot, but my personal sweet spot is Canali. Cheaper (at least in Finland) than comparable brands (Zegna mainline, Pal Zileri mainline) and fits me well. Their bi-annual sample sale is my favorite sale and often contains Exclusive range for mainline or even much lower prices.

Many have recommended Lubiam for price / quality ratio.
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Thanks guys that's really good input! Keep the info coming! :)

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StyleForum darlings (in the most positive sense!) tend to have a good price-to-quality ratio: Kent Wang, Howard Yount, Epaulet, Carmina, Meermin, Andrew Lock, Sam Hober...

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Modern Tailor mtm suits are great value IMO.

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