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Originally Posted by Reevolving View Post

This is actually great advice. No one cares about the label of your jacket.
I'd rather have a fused jacket that looks and fits great than something SF approved that looks terrible in real life.
Oh, and you'll save money too.

I like how you reaffirmed that your own advice is 'actually great'.

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Originally Posted by dieselman89 View Post

I am in the market for several blazers. They will be worn with jeans and khakis. I have found a few companies below and included my thoughts. I would like to gain some insight from other SFers.
Brooks Brothers
Price: $448 and up
Quality is decent. You can occasionally get a good deal on sales. You are mostly paying for brand image. Fabrics can be good but those cost as much as $700+.
Suit Supply
Price: $399 and up
Above average quality fabrics. The fit/sizes are inconsistent. You pay for what you get. A jacket may require $$$ in alterations for appropriate fit.
J Crew
Don't bother. These are fused and you are paying outrageous prices.

If you acknowledge that you're "mostly paying for the brand/image," then why are they even in the running? You could order a mtm blazer online for less than that price, and IMO, Brooks Brother is VERY overrated....VERY. The name makes sheepish members think that their products higher quality than most of them actually are. Online from Modern Tailor will cost less and it will look better (unless you fxck up your measurements).

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Originally Posted by ap10046 View Post

Check out Charles Tyrwhitt.
Just looked the brand up. Are the jackets canvassed or fused? How are the fabrics?
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I have 2 CT blazers and a suit, which is half canvassed.
The fabrics are nice, of course, it's not going to hold a flame to something from Zegna or similar, but I don't think you can do better for the price. I really like the cut, though. Quite sharp and I would say better than a similar Zegna blazer that I have.
Are the blazers half canvassed? I don't really know. They do not feel fused, but I can't comment on that.
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My Suit Supply is good for the price- actually really good for the price. I grabbed a blazer from J. Crew while we were in the states last month- it's not bad... better get it on sale, but it found it better than the same product at BB. Both were only half canvassed.
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