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Best Value Blazers

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I am in the market for several blazers. They will be worn with jeans and khakis. I have found a few companies below and included my thoughts. I would like to gain some insight from other SFers.

Brooks Brothers
Price: $448 and up
Quality is decent. You can occasionally get a good deal on sales. You are mostly paying for brand image. Fabrics can be good but those cost as much as $700+.

Suit Supply
Price: $399 and up
Above average quality fabrics. The fit/sizes are inconsistent. You pay for what you get. A jacket may require $$$ in alterations for appropriate fit.

J Crew
Don't bother. These are fused and you are paying outrageous prices.
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Anyone have suggestions?
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I happen to like the BB Blazers, the harris tweeds are nice and they had a jacket i was considering getting this weekend on sale. at the 448 price point and this weekends sale, it is only 336 +tax. Just my two cents worth

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Double post. 

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I recently purchased a Hickey Freeman staple blue blazer, the quality is high and after $100 in alterations, looks dang good, IMO.. I did purchase it during the Nordstrom Men's Sale for about 35% off its retail, at its full retail ($749) I wouldn't feel as enthusiastic about it....
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i though of getting this for F/W and this for S/S from Yount, until they ran out of my size...
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Originally Posted by Thanks SF (a new me) View Post

i though of getting this for F/W and this for S/S from Yount, until they ran out of my size...

Me too! I was checking the site (more than once per day), anticipating the addition of the fall blazer and as soon as I realized they were up, it was sold out in my size.

Hopefully they'll get some more this fall.
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+1 on Hickey Freeman. Got myself a nice one from BB Black Fleece as well on sale for about ~$500
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BB sports coats/blazers aren't great value at full price, but on sale I think they are fairly hard to beat at the price point. Certainly at the 40% off sales if you can wait for them, and probably also at they 25% off sales that come up every couple of months (like the one going on now).

Not everything at J. Crew is fused. But I haven't purchased any of their odd jackets, so I can't speak to overall quality/value.
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Does anyone else have suggestions?
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Visited J Crew this week and was really disappointed with the quality of most of their blazers. You get what you pay for at $300. Some are fused, some used lower-end fabrics from good mills like VBC and LP. Overall, there is nothing special about them. Thoughts?
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Be patient, know your measurements, and watch the sales forum here. You can get terrific deals. I've picked up two new RL Polo blazers for $150 and $200.
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What size do you wear?

I am going to be listing a staple navy sportcoat on BS for cheap.

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Jeans and khakis. What exactly are you looking for?
Is the jacket for the office or for social use?

BB is a middle aged to old man label.
IF you're younger, it's very hard to get a stylish look from BB if you're going for 20s and 30s style.
Stick to a modern design from a slightly more fashion forward label.

This is actually great advice. No one cares about the label of your jacket.
I'd rather have a fused jacket that looks and fits great than something SF approved that looks terrible in real life.
Oh, and you'll save money too.
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Check out Charles Tyrwhitt.
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