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view on Alden long wingtips - calfskin or cordovan?

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I am about to get my first Alden shoes and want the black long wingtips.  I am trying to decide between the calfskin and the cordovan.  Cordovan is about $150 more.  Is this extra $$ worth it in terms of look and durability and comfort?



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thanks - any color on the differences?

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If you like the model--yes.

For me personally, I think that model looks best in suede.
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Yes, although I prefer long wings in burgundy. Shell is worth 150 in any case though.
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Shell for sure.
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You'll never look at calf the same...icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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Why not #8 instead of black?
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Cordovan would be a better investment. Go with the general consensus.
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Black grained calf has more character than black cordo.  Or #8 cordo.

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I am enamored with the Alden cordovan PTBs I bought earlier this year, and comparing cordovan to calf, the former comes out far ahead.  My only other input is that I prefer admiring the ripples in cordovan on less complicated (plainer) shoes, though this does not seem to be a widely held view on SF.

Edit: I also forgot to say that #8 is a great, rich color, which you should consider if it is acceptable in your environment

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Thanks for the useful advice and opinions.


The color #8 looks very nice.  I can certainly do that, too, as I work in a business casual environment.  A couple questions:


(1)  How do you think of the Black cordovan versus the #8 cordovan?  Different uses, looks?  I have become a fan of the Thom Browne look and figured I needed a black longwing but no need to be too doctrinaire.


(2)  I live in NYC.  Any thoughts on where to shop for Alden?  I have heard the Alden store near Grand Central doesnt always have good customer service.  


Thanks again. 

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The black cordovan shoes I have seen have not had the kind of shine I think black shoes should have (the "spit and polish" kind), so I think cordovan is better suited for non-black shoes.
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My first Alden shoes were black shell lwb. Within a few weeks of that purchase, I picked up a pair of #8 lwb's. You really can't go wrong with either -- both are classic staple items, and with minimal care you will enjoy them for many years to come. Personally, I would give a slight edge to #8 over black-- as others have noted, it is a beautiful, rich color that is extremely versatile. Whatever you do, make sure that you are fit properly.
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