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First Indochino Suit. How is the Fit?

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So I just got my first suit from indochino. What do you guys think?

At first glance it seems to me that the suit may be too small. It seems a bit too tight around the thighs and shoulders (I have a muscular frame hence my larger legs and back). Perhaps the sleeves are a tad too long as well? I also requested for higher armholes, but I'm not sure if I got it for this suit. It looks as if the v-taper is too exaggerated (maybe from too much waist surpression?). I'm not too experienced with suits though, I want to hear what you guys think. Do I require a remake? I've also had a friend comment that the shoulder is too big on the suit.

Also for those familiar with remakes, do you guys take it to a tailor and ask for what they would adjust in your suit or do you guys just eyeball it/use your own judgement?

Here are the pictures of my suit:

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It does not look very good, but the photographs are FAR too dark/indistinct to be sure on detail.
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Sorry, but those are the best pics I can get at this time. Maybe I'll post some tomorrow when I take pics during the day. But based on those photos, what would you guys change/alter for the remake?
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Pictures are dark but I can see a good portion of your butt, some wrinkles under the collar and the tightness of your pants.
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Have you checked with Indochino if that really is your suit? it seems a size too small for you.

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I would say very tight...sleeves are better change it.

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If those are the best then my primary comment is far too small, clearly not made for you. Get a refund and go somewhere decent.
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Just got my suit remade. What do you guys think? Do I still need any changes? It seems like the shoulder pads are a bit thicker after the remake even though I requested natural shoulders.

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the jacket is very short remake again
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I understand this as a slim fitting suit but the jacket sleeves look short about half an inch.

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Your sleeves are OK. Jacket length, while on the shorter side, covers your ass so it's passable. This this sharkskin fabric brah?
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Originally Posted by jexbrah View Post

You should really care about the pictures you present. I mean, in one of them you have a fold near your elbow that is pulling the sleeve up and visibly distracting.
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Ye brah, its the sharkfin suit. I really like colour.
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how many remakes are you allowed
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Try Andrew Lock
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