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Giving PHs a Try

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Hello all, Iurk way too much haha!

Just finished the 10 week program from M&F it was good, but I wouldn't call it a "mass" routine. I think whatever mass I added came from the creatine.

I do notice some areas lacking, and I can't seem to get past a certain weight and size barrier. Doc thinks this is because I spent too much time in HS trying to stay at a light weight for wrestling and I've messed up my body growth. I am 5'6" (+1" on my father) and around 145lbs (-50lbs from by father, and -65 on my older brother, both of whom are very fit and very wide)

In an effort to blast though this, with a Doc's tentative blessing, I'm doing a cycle of HDrol. Ten days of 50mg/day and 14 days at 75/mg a day with a pretty rigorous weight schedule. I will be taking milk thistle and a multivitamin to protect my organs. I have a proper PCT in place. Also, creatine 5mg/day pre-workout and a protein shake preworkout.

I am hitting chest and biceps twice a week, everything else once. Those are the areas that are lacking the most. My traps and shoulders are great, as are my back and legs.

Thought I would share and talk about my results about half way, at the end of the cycle and at the end of PCT for anyone that has been thinking about running a similar test increasing product. I'm going to give a no BS assessment, I won't recommend it if it sucks.

Below is my routine.

Monday - Chest/ Shoulders
Chest Bench press
Shoulders Overhead barbell press
Chest Chest Flyes
Shoulders Lateral Raise

Tuesday - Abs/Forearms
Forearms Forearm Curl
Abs Sit-Ups
Abs Leg Raises
Abs Mountain Climbers (got really good at these at Basic Training!)

Wednesday - Legs/Biceps
Biceps EZ Bar Curl
Biceps Preacher Curl
Biceps Hammer Curl
Legs Squat
Legs Leg Curl
Legs Calf Raise

Thursday REST DAY

Friday - Chest 2/Triceps
Chest Incline Bench Press 2
Triceps Dips
Chest Chest Flyes 2
Triceps Cable Pull Down

Saturday REST DAY

Sunday - Back/Biceps 2

Biceps EZ Bar Curl 2
Back T-Bar row
Biceps Hammer Curl
Back Dumbbell row
Back Upright Row
Back Shrugs
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145lb and running a cycle lolololololol is this real life.
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Originally Posted by fuji View Post

145lb and running a cycle lolololololol is this real life.

Normally someone replying would get all butt hurt and bent out of shape because they are a stupid 16 yo kid that read an article about them in a magazine and thinks, "hey! I wanna get big without any work! Sign me up!"

I've had the proper blood work done, my T levels are low for my age and genetics and my doc admits that a cycle is worth a shot. I've been lifting for years, eating right, etc. I'm not an idiot.
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If I doctor is willing to let you use them why don't you go to an endocrinologist and get real testosterone and real nolvadex or clomid or whatever PCT you want and run a proper cycle, or even better since your test is low just stay on it and don't bother cycling it. a 3 week cycle isn't a cure for low t. You'll run the cycle, have high test for a few weeks, low test for a few weeks afterwards and be back to normal. If it is legitimately low you should have no problem getting a prescription. It'll be safer then PHs and you'll have better results. Also if you've been lifting for years and only weigh 145 maybe you should look at your training or eat more.
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Done a lot of research into H-drol myself, decided against it because although it doesnt give many estrogenic sides, it's pretty harsh on the body in other ways and i found a fair few stories of people having nasty experiences with it. It's also not that good and on an 8 week cycle you might gain like 5lb of muscle if you do everything perfect, which you wont judging by results so far. You are doing a 4 week cycle which is a waste of time and if you had done any research you would know that it doesnt even kick in till around week 4, when you cycle would be finishing. Milk thistle and a multi wont "protect your organs" against a methylated steroid lol. What sort of a doctor recommends PHs. Please dont go ahead with this cycle.
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