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Examples of lesser-known oligopolies

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What are some examples of lesser-known oligopolies in our current markets? Not interested in oil or telecom oligopolies, but examples where a few companies control the majority of a given market and reap huge profits because of it. A good example is Luxotica, which nobody thinks of as an oligopoly because it maintains dozens of "independent" brands.
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Unfortunately,there are a few oligopolies in hat felting. There are only a few felters left which is why there are such limited options in regards to color and weights compared to the past. Here are a few of the felting elite. Tonak, Winchester Hat Corp, Hat Co.,
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Well, in my country, which is Norway, we have only two large airline companies (Norwegian Air Shuttle and Scandinavian Airline Systems SAS). They own a very large market share, with SAS as the market leader. Norwegian Air Shuttle catches up by buying over 200 airplanes for 22,3 billion dollars. 

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Accounting. Big 4 firms controls like 90% of the market in US, most of Europe, Australia, Canada, Japan, and almost any other major country.
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This is fun.

Keep it going.
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How about InBev?

We're lucky to have hundreds of indies here in the states, though.
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Men's fashion websites . . .
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eBay, paypal
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Boeing v. Airbus, duopoly on commercial aircraft manufacturing


DeBeers, Rio Tinto, etc., oligopoly on diamond mining. Although the recent discovery in Siberia could shake things up

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Canadian (more specifically, Saskatchewan) Potash Exports (potash is a popular ingredient in fertilizers).

3 Companies (Agriam, Mosaic, and PCS) produce 1/3 of the worlds potash and market it as a single company (Cantotex).
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Breakfast cereals.

Chemicals (the manufacture of).

Food additives.
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Meat packing. 4 companies (Cargill, Tyson, JBS, and National Beef) control over 80% of all beef slaughtered.
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Financial data:

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How so? Are you thinking Givaudan, or what?
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