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Where can I find it...Blue Flower Pin

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Can someone tell me where I could find..185285978502470183_e48fe418bf9c.jpg the glass blue flower pin that he has in his top button hole? The cotton yellow flower lapel pin is nice but I think the small blue flower pin really makes the shirt pop problem is I just can not find it anywhere....anyone have any Idea




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^I doubt the Vanda ones will work too well for that purpose. With nothing to hold them in place they'll just kind of flop around. You'll need something with a more tightly attached back, maybe something you can pin or screw in or something.
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They look like earings. Try that. Go to any mall accessory story and browse thru.

Maybe you can find something else that could be your OWN "look" instead of trying to copy something.
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True...I've seen some cufflinks in the shape of the blue flower but i feel that they would be too large/ weigh too much.  Earrings could be an interesting take didn't think to look to those.  Im still hoping that someone can find the exact item pictured; just seems easier haha and the picture has grown on me


but great ideas none the less

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See here: styleforum.net/t/213062/lapel-flower-pin/

I agree that particular one is probably an earring. Good if you want people staring at your collar all day.
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How about these http://www.luckyfootlinks.com/shop.html The blue Czech glass cufflinks, have them modify so you can attach a button on the back.
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