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For Sale:
Black/Black TOJ1 Sz48 w/ 46 lengths

Will Ship To: USA

2010DR in the picture is obviously not included. shog[1].gif

Details: Standard Black Lambskin/Black Wool Body. Solid Black Reversible Lining.
Size 48 body, Size 46 length. I'm a 45-46 in TOJ, and I think it fits me very well.

- Minor (imo) pilling on the ribbing. Maybe some lint on the jacket. Pilling will happen no matter what.

- Small scuff/tear/whatever near the shoulder area of the jacket. Didn't notice it till I was checking out the jacket recently. I've included some pictures, so check those out. I doubt anyone would notice.

Price: SOLD for $300 USD!

I think that adequately reflects condition. I ship from the USA, and I would rather not ship internationally. We can talk about it though.

I can provide better pictures of the jacket later, but I don't think it will be necessary. Aside from the wear that I've already mentioned above, it's a run of the mill TOJ1.
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