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Brown boot styles for graduate student?

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My current everyday shoes are about to die. I have only recently made any sort of attempt to be fashion conscious and have lurked here for a while, so bear with me. I am currently in graduate school, so there is no need for the shoe to be particularly formal. In fact, pretty much any kind of shoe that is not a sneaker seems to be considered formal by grad student standards.


In starting the search for new boots, I found myself unsure as to what kind of boot would be appropriate for my environment: chukkas? dress boots? work boots? I know leather soles are preferred, but as a commuter, I have already eaten “it” several times walking on the sidewalk in leather soled shoes during winter, so I would definitely prefer a thin profile rubber or composite rubber/leather sole. I generally wear jeans (and on occasion, corduroy or khakis) with a button down shirt (or fleece in the winter).


Despite my confusion as to what kind of shoe is appropriate, I do have a certain aesthetic in mind: a brown, finished leather boot which covers the ankle and has a rounded, but sleekly tapered toe. I hate wingtip brogues, but like quarter and half toe cap brogues. I would definitely like to avoid Chelsea boots. Likewise, I am not a huge fan of the workboot studs, but am willing to compromise there. Finally, the sole really can't be leather, but many of the rubber soled work-like boots have huge profile lugged soles, which I don't like. As for full height vs ankle, I would prefer ankle, but would be fine with a full height boot.


My search yielded a number of results and was hoping to get some comments/feedback on their style, suitability to my needs, and durability.


[1] These are nice, and are a nice compromise between the studs and style (in my mind). [2] These are nice as well, but I am not sure about the monk strap and somewhat square toe. I know that most people here tend to think that [3] Stafford shoes tend to be of lower quality. I don't think that [4] imitation leather is a good idea. [5] These have been debated on this site a bit, but they are I was hoping to avoid such obvious studs. The overall boot looks pretty good though. I also found a couple of chukkas which meet what I am looking for a bit more. [6] These Timberlands look pretty nice, but are out of my price range. I also started looking at chukkas. Most I had seen were a bit too clunky for what I wanted, but [7] this pair and [8] these look pretty good as well.


I know that I am a bit all over with styles here, but that is a function of me not knowing what is really appropriate and just going on overall shape of the boot.


Edit:I suppose I should note that I am also considering cowboy boots, but those generally seem out of my price range unless I look to ebay (I am not a huge fan of no returns on shoes purchased online).


Edit: I didn't even know that Caterpillar made [9] boots.

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How much do you want to spend? Where do you live? What kind of weather do you want to wear them in?

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Let's say 100 ceiling. 


I will be wearing them in all sorts of weather (rain, snow, etc) but only inside and on sidewalks.

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Originally Posted by eldudo View Post

Let's say 100 ceiling. 

Get out.

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
But seriously, $100 won't get you any boots that people like here.
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Yeah, $100 is very inexpensive for even a decently nice pair of shoes, much less boots! So dress boots are basically out of the picture, unless you want something with corrected grain leather and glued-on soles. Which you oughtn't.


The leather on almost all of the pairs you posted looks... really awful, I'm sorry to say. Especially the Stacy Adams. It won't age gracefully or handle water well.


So on the casual-but-still-snazzy-maybe end of the spectrum, for your consideration, the only sub-$200 boot I can think of that also looks pretty okay depending on your style and they might even last longer than a year:


The advantage of oiled leather is that they will be more water resistant than calf, and you can re-proof them with something like Obenauf's or Grasso.

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honestly dude, at $100 i cant help you
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Sub-200$, the only boots I can't think of are... Aldos. You might want to look at Mr B's "BLAKE" boots, which have been discussed here. The burgundy model is currently on sale at 110$, and you might be able to find a promo code somewhere. However, it has a leather sole, but it could be "topied" by any cobbler.

Otherwise, you should consider buying used on eBay, but 100$ will not get you far.
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Saw your post over at AAAC too. For $100 pretty much the Clarks DB is the only reasonable possibility I can think of. Either increase your budget (AE Malverns from the Shoebank for example) or just get some desert boots and be done with it:
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Originally Posted by eldudo View Post

My current everyday shoes are about to die.

As I'm sure you've read/been told, don't wear the same pair of shoes everyday. If you can at least alternate days with 2 different pairs of "everyday" shoes, you'll greatly increase the life of your shoes. Get at least one pair of shoe trees and put them in your shoes when you take them off. I know this seems like an added expense, but you can find shoe trees inexpensively and again, they will increase the life of your shoes. Good luck with your boots!
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You may get VERY lucky..!
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