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Going to Warsaw

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I'm going to Warsaw on Monday and will be there for the next 3 months for work. I don't speak a lick of Polish so this will be adventure. Does anyone here have experience with Warsaw? Can I get shoes and other clothing items made?

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Check earlier posts in SF. There are least two highly-regarded bespoke
shoe-makers in Warsaw. From the photos their work seems excellent.
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yes, a couple of good shoemakers in Warsaw. I am sure that there are still a couple of good tailors alive. women are gorgeous, food is a little bland and starchy. I like the downtown for walking, but the weather is starting to get bad. get yourself a good coat and hat when you get in
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I read through those threads, my concern was that they didn't speak English very well, if at all?

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The English bit might be a challenge but you will meet some colleagues/locals who speak English proficiently enough to help you with an "old school" artisan. I don't know if you're expecting bespoke items to be less expensive than elsewhere - if they're good quality they probably won't be.

But, hey, stay warm and enjoy. If you manage, try weekend trips to Gdansk or Krakow. smile.gif
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