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Hi all,


New to the forum, although have lurked quite a bit. I got a bespoke/made to measure suit (basically, a well known/respected/referred business came out to my office, took over 40 measurements and showed me some swatches of their material and different cut suits, etc... as well as their shirt material)


Went with a navy european cut

Material I went with was "Super 130s Italian Wool on a floating canvas"


It took about 5 weeks for all the pieces to come, and I had lost some weight since then maybe 10-15lbs (been working out and dieting) so when I tried on the pants, they were definitely a little loose in the inseam, so we got them taken up no big deal they fit perfectly now. The shirts were also pretty perfect fitting, but where it was definitely noticeable was when I tried the jacket on. It was very loose.


So, it's getting tailored right now and will be done this week but man it was pretty loose. Unless the tailor worked some magic, I suspect it to still not fit as tight and snug as I'd like. This is all presumption at this point, but I just wanted to get some input in advance if I could.


If it does come back noticeably loose again and not as tailored/snug as a bespoke/m2m suit should fit... am I justified in asking for it to be remade with new measurements? Granted, I did lose the weight.. so this argument could go both ways. As they're a reputable business in my city, I know he wouldn't have a problem with it... but would this be frowned upon? I paid around a thousand dollars for the entire suit for what that's worth.