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Thoughts on this Brioni?

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Sorry to start a new thread for this but I'm not very knowledgeable when it comes to eBay and "market pricing" on it...


Curious what your thoughts may be on this Brioni listing?


Based on the couple of quick searches I did the seller is a well-respected member here.



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Reputable seller. 60 percent or so off retail.

Do you want to buy it? Do you like the cut of Brioni's? Does Brioni's cut favour your shape? What sort of suit rotation do you have? It is certainly not a staple suit. Pink windowpane may not be appropriate in some work environments. If your answers are "Yes", "Yes", "Yes", "I have the staples covered", "My boss doesn't care/is colourblind/I am the boss" + "I really want to post in the Peacock thread. Go for it.

Have you given this some thought and compared this suit to what you might get with MTM or bespoke via in person and not online-submit-your-measurements-and-get-a-suit at a similar price point? Do you have the time, inclination and access to MTM or bespoke?

Will you be able to overcome any potential buyer's remorse when something similar or better pops up for sale here or EBay after you buy it?

If after ruminating on this and a myriad of other considerations you still feel this is something you must have, sleep on it (you have that luxury) and if the fire still burns, buy it.

Or, forget what I have written and just buy it 'cause it is a damn sexy suit and you want it.
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If you pm him he might give you a discount if you skip eBay.
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