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Please to be implementing a way to ban people from using this message board. There's some idiot in Men's Clothing trolling it up.
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The GQ Forum "jumped the shark" when GQAirlinePilot, frustrated that his advances to GQLawyer were rebuffed, posed as GQLawyer (a simple task on a forum without registration) and "confessed" that he was bisexual and unable to tell his fiancee the truth.  Amazingly, the moderators of the GQ Forum left this post, and other equally offensive posts, up while immediately deleting posts mentioning competing sites.  Fortunately, one post directing users to the Styleforum remained up long enough for me to see it, and I became a regular here. In my opinion, this site is the best of its kind on the Internet due to the amazing interface created by j, Steve B.'s great moderating, and most importantly, the knowledge and civility of the members.  On almost any question I have about style I can pretty much guarantee that there will be at least one person who can give an intelligent and comprehensive answer without condescension.  Although some old-timers have left and are dearly missed, this site is stronger than it has ever been due to the addition of new blood, as reflected in the additions of new forums and the increasing detail and complexity of questions being asked and answered.  As the two-year birthday of this community approaches, I hope that it will continue to thrive many years into the future.
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There's some idiot in Men's Clothing trolling it up.
Names, I need names to ban someone.
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I think you actually have two handles (both called "j").  I'm not sure how exactly that works, haha... but you must've signed into the one that you left unused.
Think the other one is "j." <--- with the period.
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It's quite interesting to read about the origin of our beloved SF. Start from the beginning of the thread.
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Three cheers for j!
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Hoooooo ray

to J

From K
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it never occured to me to ask how this site got stared. either way, i've pretty much enjoy visiting this site, learn from the "masters", and corresponding with like-minded people. i also like the fact that people here have a sense of humor and are not tightasses. and really, that gq forum is pure garbage! in short, i would like to thank j and the rest of the 'senior members' who got this site running.
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You're all very welcome! Thanks for making it a fun place to hang out. And especial thanks to Steve B., LA Guy, Brian, Brad, and all the founding members (everybody from March-April '02) for all your help and support over the years. Back when I started it, I never thought for a minute that it would get this big.
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group hug!

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