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I have a pair of wolverine 1000 mile boots. They are crap. Shitty leather (the worst chromexcel I've ever seen, all blobby and veiny and stretchy) Poor construction. I hate them and regret their purchase.



I have redwing beckman's. I only wear them for short projects around the house because the last is very narrow and I need something wider. But, they are MILES above the 1000 miles in terms of durability and the overall quality. 


If I got a pair of 1000 miles that had better selected leather, I would consider them a play boot. With better clicked leather, they would be my choice for the office. The Red Wings are very tough and almost as heavy as my White's Semi Dress. 


The 1000 miles seem like they are good for just about that... 1000  miles. I'm waiting to throw them out. Now they see only motorcycle duty when my White's need a rest. Pics are of the horrid leather Wolverine considers acceptable. I some vibram Raptor soles glued on. 


Would never buy again, unless I found them for less than 200 dollars.