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What's your moniker?

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While some are pretty apparent (Joe G, Mike C) and some only take a small amount of thought (Yossarian, thc - although I could be reading this one wrong), I thought it would be interesting to hear about where people's web names come from and why. Kudos to anyone who recognizes mine...
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Am I wrong, or is your moniker that of an early 90's reggae/rap artist?
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I admit it, I'm terrible with coming up with nicknames. So mine is exactly what it sounds like, my full first name. I have to admit that I used Bradford because it sounds more formal than Brad - which is what I go by everyday. I also sort of thought it went with the avatar of Alfred that I found here - even though I look nothing like him. I am tempted to change my avatar to one of Zonker from Doonesbury as that might fit my style better, but I just haven't bothered. Bradford
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Mine is just the first eight letters of my full name. I got stuck with it once signing up for an online service and continue to use it because it is always available and I can remember my login that way. Nothing exciting or thought-provoking. Scott
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GQL: Hilarious new sig, man. Mine's (predictably) first name and first initial of last...
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Am I wrong, or is your moniker that of an early 90's reggae/rap artist?
Well done - not many people remember such classics as "Bossanova" and "Dedicated to You".
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Glad to know that someone shares my taste for little known classics.
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GQ Lawyer, you need to add to your tag line .... "and the Swiss win the ocean going America's Cup" (which is pretty good for a mountainous land locked country)
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In Spanish classes in elementary school, we had to adopt the Spanish equivalent of our names. Michael = Miguel and so on. Being of Iranian descent, my name has no Spanish equiv. My teacher gave me "Cristobal," and I've used it as an alter. id on occasion ever since.
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